Monday Mar 23, 2009

Media on the Sun-Deloitte roadshow in India has got a news article on the Sun IDM event done with Deloitte.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

CNN World's Most Admired Computer Companies - Sun ranks 5th

The CNN rankings for the World's Most Admired Companies for 2009 is out. Sun has moved up, and now ranks 5th in the list. The complete list is at

Sunday Feb 15, 2009

"Genpact Enhances Security, Compliance with IDM" - One of Sun's Identity Manager customers in India

From ( :

Sun Identity Manager provides Genpact with role- and rules-based provisioning of policies for users, organizations, resources, roles, or services, which ensures that its security requirements are automatically enforced.

In addition, the Sun solution helps provide Genpact with the ability to easily review the status of access services at any time, which both improves audit performance and helps achieve compliance with governmental mandates. "Sun Java System Identity Manager gives us an exceptional platform for managing identity profiles and permissions, which enhances our overall enterprise security while allowing us to reduce operation costs," said Tom Sheffield, manager, identity & access management at Genpact.

"Sun's Identity Management solution greatly reduces the time it takes to get users up and running productively, change user access privileges and to instantly and securely revoke accounts when their relationship with our company ends." Over the next 2 years, all IT access authorizations for the Genpact global workforce as well as 1700 contractors and partners, located across India, Mexico, US, Hungary, Romania and China, will be integrated into the system, which utilizes identity management technology provided by Sun Microsystems.

Read the complete story at

Friday Jan 30, 2009

Buzz about Identity in the Indian media ......

In CXOToday : Sun Reinvents Identity Management Business - By Sonal Desai - Mumbai, Jan 28, 2009 1108 hrs IST

With the rising usage of identity and Web-based services in the last few years, Sun Microsystems is reinventing its identity management business to efficiently protect user administration, authorization, and authentication.

The new thrust on IM is because the network is ushering in a new era of business growth and opportunity. People are using network communications to interact and collaborate in ways that were impossible a few years ago. These new capabilities have quickly created new expectations for today's enterprise," said Manish Malhotra, director (software) of Sun Microsystems India ..". More at at

In ChannelTimes : Sun Microsystems to Appoint Partners for IM Biz By Sonal Desai Mumbai, Jan 30, 2009 1548 hrs IST

Sun Microsystems India that recently announced strategy to reinvent its Identity Management (IM) business is planning to add more value-added partners for the same. The IM solutions will be rolled out across India, and the company will initially target the telecom, BFSI, GEH, retail and manufacturing verticals. According to Manish Malhotra, Director (Software), Sun India, "In India, identity management, SOA and MySQL represent top areas of focus for Sun under the enhanced Sun Partner Advantage Programme with the introduction of the open access channel programme, and a set of new software specialties. The software specialties programme, which was launched in the US in November 2008, is the first such programme we have launched in India. The programme provides Sun and its partners with new ways to reach new customers, open new markets and grow their businesses.". More at at

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

New Sun Messaging server benchmark results published

Sun Messaging Server has published a new benchmark on the SPECmail2008 benchmark at The details of the benchmark are available at Obviously, this is not on the new Sun Communication Suite 6, but things should definitely be even better in the new version ;-) But, if you see the website, there are NO benchmarks from any other vendor !!
Please see for more details on the benchmark and the highlights.

The highlights from bmseer's blog:
  • The Sun Fire X4540 server, equipped with two quad-core 2.3GHz Opteron 2356, Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2 JES4, the ZFS File System and Solaris 10 Operating System, has achieved the overall record of 3300 SPECmail_MSEnt2008 SMTP and IMAP users at 15,868 SPECmail2008 Sessions/hour.
  • This benchmark result clearly demonstrates that a single Sun's X4540 with integrated storage, together with the Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2 with ZFS on Solaris can support a large, enterprise level IMAP Mail server environment at the highest level of throughput performance, representing a compact, low cost and low power solution.

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Sun software webinars

There are a bunch of fantastic webinars scheduled in the near future. The courses are listed at The courses include one's on OpenSSO (on Jan 21st 2009),Master Data Management (on Jan 28th 2009), Glassfish High Availability, Identity Manager, MySQL Enterprise.

Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

Sun in manufacturing

There is a event planned in Chennai, India on November 7th 2008. I will be speaking on Sun software. The details of the event are:

Sun Microsystems, a worldwide leader in open network computing systems, provides proven, reliable, scalable solutions that manufacturers can rely on to help them collaborate, design and build smarter today and in the future. Sun understands the value of creating an open environment that can support systems from a variety of sources.

Sun Microsystems has been working with manufacturing customers since its inception, and has maintained a keen focus on delivering the right tools, technologies, strategies and solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Working closely with its manufacturing customers, Sun understands the value of creating an open environment that can support systems from a variety of sources.

Sun has the scalable, high-performance hardware and operating systems, network management software, and storage solutions to build flexible, agile, powerful, network-based information systems that enable all participants in the manufacturing process - including suppliers, customers, distributors, employees and factories - to tap into the Internet and leverage the full potential of e-manufacturing.

We take this opportunity to cordially invite you for an evening of technology demonstration and how superior advanced technology can contribute to your organizational needs and growth, followed by cocktails and dinner.

Let me know, if you want to attend the event. Drop in a comment below, with your contact information. Thanks !!

Friday Oct 24, 2008

Sun Identity Compliance Manager released

Sun Identity Compliance Manager, a cost-effective solution for achieving identity compliance, has been launched. Sun Identity Compliance Manager was created to provide a targeted solution for addressing the compliance issues related to identity and access to systems, applications, and data that are often the leading drivers for companies purchasing Identity Management products.

How Customers Benefit
Customers can address compliance challenges head-on with features that enable them to successfully manage access and entitlements, enforce SoD, track requests, and report status.
  • Access Certification
    • Automates existing processes for certifying the access assigned to user by business managers and application owners
    • Provides a glossary that translates cryptic access permissions into business-friendly terms
    • Sends reminder notices and escalations for aging certifications
    • Policy Enforcements
      • Enables enterprise-level monitoring of access for conflicts in segregation of duties and security policy, such as role-versus-actual exceptions and terminated-users-with-active-accounts exceptions
      • Supports inter- and intra- application security policy enforcement
      • Includes a comprehensive list of best practice segregation of duties controls out of the box
      • Provides complete lifecycle management of a policy violation
      • Offers a mitigating control for violations that are not fixed
      • Enables manager sign-off to be acquired on policy violations
    • Compliance Dashboard
      • Delivers an enterprise view of certification status including outstanding reports and decisions made during a certification
      • Provides an enterprise view of policy exceptions
      • Tracks policy exceptions by type and business unit
      • Provides historical trending analysis for policy exceptions, certification decisions, and role approvals

    So, now within our Identity management suite of products, we have Sun Identity Manager, Sun Role Manager and Sun Identity Compliance manager. Where do you use what? :
    1. Identity Manager : Provides comprehensive user provisioning and identity auditing for efficiently and securely managing identity profiles and permissions across the enterprise and beyond, reducing costs and compliance risk.
    2. Role Manager : A role-based compliance solution that conducts role mining to analyze user access patterns and define roles for managing access to enterprise resources. Streamlines access control and identity compliance by engineering and managing roles.
    3. Sun Identity Compliance Manager : In situations, where you do not need the complete role management, and need only Identity Compliance and you need it quickly, you can use Sun Identity Compliance manager. The features of this product are a subset of Sun Role Manager.

Wednesday Jul 23, 2008

MySQL Camp in Bangalore - July 29th 2008

A free MySQL camp is being scheduled in Bangalore on July 29th 2008. Please see for more details. The agenda looks good. Also, of interest, the MySQL user group in Bangalore is being launched.

Wednesday Jun 18, 2008

Sun tech event at Hyderabad

We had an event at a major SI, at Hyderabad to cover the 4 S's of Sun (Software-Servers-Services-Storage). We covered the following Software products:

It was a productive session, with lots of questions. Only regret, not having time to go out, and eat the famous Hyderabadi Biryani :-)

Monday Jun 16, 2008

Sun Microsystems India enters Bollywood !!!!

Image Linked from

From the "The Hindu":

Sun Micro provides special effects tech platform for ‘Love Story 2050’ :

Bangalore, June 13 Sun Microsystems has announced that it is the technology partner for the sci-fi Hindi movie Love Story – 2050.
Sun has provided the technical platform to create special effects for this movie directed by Mr Harry Baweja, starring his son Harman Baweja, along with actors Priyanka Chopra and Boman Irani.
The post-production and visual effects have been done at studios such as WETA (behind movies like Lord of the Rings and King Kong), John Cox, Rising Sun Pictures (Harry Potter and Superman Returns) and Prime Focus India.
The Sun brand also appears in Love Story through some in-film placements. The movie releases on July 4.
Mr K.P. Unnikrishnan, Director – Marketing, Alliances and Teleweb Sales, said, “Technology forms the foundation of sci-fi films. Hence, the need to get the technology right is of utmost importance for the creators of special effects and animation for these films.
“Today, technological advancements are allowing filmmakers not just in Hollywood but also back home to experiment by opening up and enabling a world of possibilities for story-telling in cinema.”
Sun has worked with Hollywood on animation movies such as Barnyard and Big Buck Bunny. Love Story – 2050 is Sun’s first association with an Indian movie.

Ramblings of a Sun engineer based in Bangalore, India. Strictly my own views and not my employer's.


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