Thursday Apr 30, 2009

Bangalore best Indian city to live in, says Mercer survey !!!!!!!!

Bangalore best Indian city to live in, says Mercer survey April 28, 2009

As per, "Bangalore has emerged as the best Indian city among New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in terms of better quality of living for expatriates, according to a latest worldwide survey of cities by global HR consultancy Mercer.

According to Mercer survey, '2009 Quality of Living global city rankings' for 215 cities, Bangalore has topped the list among Indian cities, while the country's financial hub Mumbai has witnessed a drop in rankings this year mainly due to a decline in stability and security conditions.

For a hard-core Bangalorean like me, this is a reaffirmation of Bangalore's lovely weather, friendly people, mix of Indian and western culture, cosmopolitan nature, that appeals to a lot of Indians and others ...

Sunday Jan 11, 2009

Bangalore MG Road - Coffee House set to close

From the Deccan herald article in 2007.
Read in today's Deccan Herald, about the imminent closure of the legendary Coffee House . I have been going on and off to the Coffee House, since my college days since around 1988-1989. The coffee is fantastic, and it was common in the pre-cellphone days to say, lets meet at Coffee House at 2 pm on Saturday. There is a character to the place, a longing for the Bangalore of olden days, the characters who come to Coffee House, the waiters.
I will miss the place, I was there yesterday night also. I hope it comes back in a new incarnation. Of course, there were shortcomings - hygeine was non-existent, toilets were the worst, don't even think of drinking the water ;-) But the Coffee, the cutlet, the sandwiches, the fried eggs and toast were the best. I am planning to go there many, many times before it closes, and maybe help some of the waiters financially.
P.S I had blogged about this in 2007, look at that entry

Wednesday Dec 24, 2008

Bangalore-Mysore-Ooty-Mysore-Bangalore - Niligiri's tour on cycles ..

There is an exciting bike (cycle in Indian parlance) tour, planned between Bangalore-Mysore-Madikeri-Ooty-Madikeri-Mysore-Bangalore. It looks exciting, and more details can be had here. My friend and colleague, Abhin Patel is biking a part of the race. What interested me in this website, were the fantastic maps and elevation profiles between Bangalore, Mysore and Ooty. Have a look, at these images which I have linked from their website:

Bangalore to Mysore - Route and Elevation

Mysore to Madikeri - Route and Elevation

Madikeri to Ooty - Route and Elevation

Bangalore Citizens Rally for Change

Got an email on the IIMB alumni mailing list, about a peaceful rally and candle light vigil against the recent Mumbai Terrorist attacks, being held in Bangalore on 27th Dec. The details are :

And Saturday, the 27th is when all of Bangalore will demonstrate peacefully. We will show our solidarity as a people, we will show the rest of the world that we stand united. There are simultaneous marches planned in multiple cities at the same time.
We plan to congregate at 5.30pm sharp at Cubbon Road BRV junction, walk towards Gandhi Statue and observe a few minutes of silence and light our candles and place them at the Gandhi Statue.
Please bring candles, the Tri color, your own banners with your messages. This is a movement for the people, by the people and from the people.

Saturday Jul 26, 2008

Terrorists target Bangalore

Terrorists targeted Bangalore yesterday (Friday afternoon) , with multiple bombs in several places. I was, in a team offsite with our team in North bangalore (near the new airport), when the news tickled in. All of them turned out to be crude low intensity blasts, seemed to create panic and terror. We were a little concerned in the initial hours, but resumed our offsite after an hour or so.
My prayers go out to the people, affected by the blasts. As a person born and brought up in Bangalore, Bangalore never had these kinds of events, and was never a haven for terrorists until the last few years. I am a conservative in matters of security, and believe we need to deal with these activities firmly and with a iron fist. We should learn from Israel, on how to deal with Terrorism with an iron hand. Also, Bangaloreans should be on the lookout, for suspicious activities, and we should increase electronic surveillance, in all public areas. No organisation or country, can shake a country like ours, with a billion plus people, a culture millions of years old and having survived invaders for so many centuries. Go Bangalore!!

Tuesday Jun 03, 2008

The new Bangalore and Hyderabad airports

I travelled to Chennai and Hyderabad last week, to speak at the Sun ISV CxO summit. In the process, I travelled through the new Bangalore and Hyderabad airports. My comments on the airports:

Bangalore Airport :
Its good, and better than the old airport. Connectivity is still a major pain for people living not staying North of Bangalore. I stay in Sanjaynagar, it took me just 40 mins to reach the airport. Its got good connectivity to the NH7 (Bellary Road). The baggage handling, and toilets needs to be ramped up. Its smaller compared to Hyderabad. You have free wifi at Bangalore airport

Hyderabad Airport :
Its very good, and better than the old airport. Connectivity is still an issue, as it is much farther to the city. Looks like an elevated road is coming up. You get hit by the hot Hyderabad weather, and the walk to the cabs, is a long way off. Baggage handling is great, and lots of people to help you.

My verdict (even though, I am an extreme and partisan Bangalorean), Hyderabad airport is better in terms of airport infrastructure.

Rains in Bangalore

It was a fantastic weekend, it poured like crazy in Bangalore. A couple of shots on June 1st 2008, Sunday night on Brigade road. Lots of rain last week, and more predicted in June !!

Tuesday Jun 05, 2007

A new portal to get live traffic and directions in Bangalore

The Bangalore traffic police has launched a live traffic portal, This seems like a good start, I hope they start showing live pictures of the traffic conditions, as many portals in the US do. This is a good start, as always Bangalore seems to be the pioneer !! Digging, a little deeper into the technology and the people behind it, seems to use Google maps extensively and looks like the website is being run by a startup from Indian Institutue of Management, Bangalore incubator.

Now, if they only were to add road dividers to all lanes, paint traffic signs and markings on roads, widen the roads ;-)

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