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Why You Should Take Another Look at Auditing

Sean Cahill
Senior Product Marketing Manager

If your business is like others we talk to, the massive and growing amounts of data you’re collecting is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of and secure using the traditional methods.

Adding to this challenge, you have compliance mandates raining down on you from all directions and the constant threat that someone is secretly chipping away at the security measures you’ve put in place.

At Oracle, we understand what you’re up against. That’s why we take a defense-in-depth approach to create the maximal security architecture for the organizations we work with using our robust portfolio of security solutions—from encryption, key management, access controls, auditing and more.

But today I want to talk about one approach that’s probably undervalued and often overlooked —auditing.

Using auditing can mean the difference between these two situations. Take a look and see which one you prefer.

Option 1: You’ve been breached. Now, you’re going through the painful exercise of figuring out how and when exactly this may have happened. During the forensic auditing process, you come to the forehead-smacking realization that because of someone’s fat-finger error, an employee was given broader permissions than they should have. And those permissions were of course leveraged to exfiltrate massive amounts of sensitive customer data. What does the next few days look like for you?

Option 2: Instead of doing the audit after the fact to figure out what went wrong, you use smart auditing early and often to figure out what might go wrong. You’re automatically sweeping for overprivileged users, risky user behaviors and more. As a result, you discover preemptively that a certain employee’s privileges don’t match up with their job role. You reset the permissions and move on with your day, not knowing that you might have dodged a much larger issue.

Which option would you prefer? Easy question, right?

The thing is, organizations tend to do the former rather than the latter. We’re working to help with that.

Oracle’s pre-configured auditing solutions can strengthen your security posture while simplifying compliance and streamlining the audit process—decreasing the compliance-associated operations costs along the way.

Want to know more? Perfect, we’re having a quick, 30-minute webcast on Wednesday, August 14 to talk about the basics behind our auditing solutions and how you can use them to make your business more secure and efficient.

Sign up, and I’ll see you there.

Increase Security & Simplify Compliance with Oracle's Database Activity Auditing
Wednesday, August 14th

10:00am PT 
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