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    October 9, 2020

Why I am talking about the fashion industry

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By Greg Jensen, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

No… I have not taken up a new position as a fashion designer.  I was however speaking with security expert Lisa Forte about risk and responsibility in the sustainable fashion industry.

Lisa was passionately describing her concerns about the fashion world in terms of how things are made, transported, priced, sold and the way the people in the industry are treated, especially under current market conditions.

This conversation came about for two reasons 1) Lisa was interested to understand how companies, particularly start-ups, can manage the multitude of security risks they face when they are not actually security experts themselves – they simply want to get on and innovate and 2) When a business that is focused on selling innovative services and products decides to partner with a technology firm to solve these challenges, who is responsible for managing the day-to-day security of data in the cloud? We hear about shared responsibility…what is there to share?

We had a good debate on how today’s changing businesses environment is being enabled by technology firms such as cloud service providers.  This starts with building a “security-first” culture that is the basis for every decision made. Similar to sustainable fashion, it is a culture of maximizing our natural resources.  In the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2020, ¾ of the respondents feel that the cloud can provide the right conditions to enable a more secure environment for them to do business within, but the research also shows a lack of confidence in their own ability to execute with 92% who felt they had a cloud security readiness gap. So culture is key.

A great example cited in the piece is the work Oracle is doing with Retraced. Retraced provides supply chain visibility, letting customers know exactly who made their products, from which materials and under what conditions. They show all of this through trusted reliable data which is collected at every step of the customer’s supply chain and they use Oracle technology to make sure the collection of this data is visible, accessible and safe. The responsibility is clear.

Lisa ends her article with: “We all have a part to play in cloud security and we all have a part to play in supporting responsible and sustainable fashion. So consider what is your responsibility for the data you have? And what is your responsibility for that pair of jeans you are wearing?”

Lisa is highlighting that in society everybody plays a critical role in the sustainability of our resources, just as we all play a role in business with regards to the sustainability and security of our data. This common shared responsibility conversation is where these two conversations meet.



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