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Top Advantages of Oracle Identity

WaiSau Sit
Director of Product Marketing, Security

In a borderless world, enterprises are finding a more diverse set of threats, with their attack surfaces increasing with infinite points of infiltration. With mobile devices, BYOD, IoT, and ever-expanding connectivity, there is no true network perimeter. Users and their identities are the new perimeter. So in order to protect today’s organizations, we need to focus on protecting their identities.

When we think about identity, it has to be across the entire stack as Identity and Access Management(IAM) services will need to support cloud and on-prem workloads. With Oracle you have a company that has a history rich in identity and security, having built these features into the Oracle stack from day one. Our own enterprise and SaaS applications rely on Oracle Identity Management, so we drink our own champagne so to speak. We understand IDM at enterprise scale with decades of experience and tens of thousands of IDM customers managing billions of identities.

And we’re not done.

We’ve made exciting new developments in our Identity portfolio over the last 5 years. With our tried and true Oracle enterprise Identity Management stack, which has most recently released version 12cPS4, and it is jam packed with new features and capabilities to streamline your deployments. While there was a  pause in the enterprise IDM development, we’ve regrouped the troops to regain steam in IDM development. Our on-premises solutions are tailored to the exact needs of your enterprise applications and the business processes you’ve put in place. And we’re helping ensure they’re just a few clicks away from being available to you on the cloud with a true lift and shift model. This means that you don’t lose your current investment, and you have a truly integrated and simplified journey to Oracle Cloud.

We released Oracle Identity Cloud service over 4 years ago, and it has grown to have a major global footprint with Identity Cloud Service powering Oracle Cloud and every Cloud Account backed by an IDCS tenancy. Identity Cloud Service is the default Identity provider and API security for all Oracle IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and GBUs. IDCS continues to expand quickly with over 200,000 tenants and counting.Utilizing hybrid identity, there are over 500 E-Business Suite instances live with IDCS for Single Sign-On (SSO) and hundreds of On-premises ADs in North America using IDCS to enable authentication and profile management. IDCS also powers one of the largest Peoplesoft deployments providing employees and contractors SSO into on-premises and SaaS Apps.

With IDCS’s global Consumer IAM footprint, you’ll find that:

-1/3 of Canadian shoppers utilize Identity Cloud Service to securely interact with retail and health care solutions. Helping them make decisions that impact their daily life.- 3 out of the Top 4 Utility companies in North America use IDCS

- 4 out of the Top 10 Energy Smart Cities in the US use IDCS as well.

Furthermore, Identity Cloud Service currently enables 9 Million students, proctors, and evaluators globally in taking and administering standardized tests for college entrance. Another notable benefit is IDCS has a 45 day average time to move from legacy WAM to IDCS for a deployment of 50 on-premises applications and 20 cloud apps and 20,000users B2E, with just minutes to implement Multi-Factor Authentication as opposed to a project with legacy WAM.

So, if you have a cloud first approach, IDCS is a cloud native identity solution that enables you to secure identities across on-premises and cloud applications. With IDCS, you have an out of the box solution that allows you to adapt to new application architectures, cloud deployment models, and SaaS easily and at scale.

With Oracle’s long history in identity and continued innovation in the identity space, Oracle is helping customers solve even the most demanding use cases. Oracle has the most comprehensive IAM strategy with solutions that support you through your journey with on-premises, hosted cloud, cloud native, hybrid and multi-cloud scenarios across all functional areas such as access, governance, directory and more.

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