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By Greg Jensen, Senior Principal Director of Cloud Security

I had the pleasure of talking to security pundit Carole Theriault  for the podcast Smashing Security which she co-hosts on a weekly basis with Graham Cluley. Having been an avid listener for over a year, I was interested to know how they would make a corporate security guy part of their lively, day-to-day conversation.

It was easy. The 30 minute chat flew by because the security topics that are top of mind are also day-to-day conversations within many businesses around the world.

2020 has ushered in the flexible work from home models that have driven new waves of migrations out of major city centers for a multitude of personal and work reasons. A study by PwC concluded that 55% of businesses will still have over 60% of their employees working from home at least one day a week after the current COVID-19 conditions have come to pass.  Both employees and employers are more comfortable with this stat because of the enabling capabilities of cloud today.

Carole and I talked about the real risks of employees working with critical business data away from the secure confines of the business. What is the people, process and technology enablement of today vs just a few months ago that makes this happen? And I talked a lot about shared responsibility – the role I play as end user, my company plays and the providers who service us. These are all critical components for every business.

This is the trap we all fall into – it isn’t all my responsibility – well whose is it?  Carole and I drew on some real world comparisons of shared responsibility that we live by each and every day without even noticing that what we did was actually a “shared responsibility”.  

Oracle's work with KPMG is focused on evaluating the key challenges and opportunities that businesses are experiencing around the world as they navigate their way to the cloud. What cloud journeys have failed, what were the consequences, how did it impact the business, what worked and how did the business succeed? You will gain actionable insights that help you build your own roadmap for managing risk, fraud, data security, configuration and compliance all while navigating your way to the cloud. 

With only 8% of cyber leaders fully understanding their team’s role in securing cloud versus the cloud service provider, we know everybody can gain to benefit from insights from those who have found success.  https://www.oracle.com/cloud/cloud-threat-report/reports/  I hope you enjoy the conversation with Carole as much as I did. Smashing Security


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