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    July 18, 2019

Security Begets Security at Cisco Tetration

Maywun Wong
Director, Product Marketing

The saying says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  To go beyond simple imitation to full adoption is the strongest form of flattery and acceptance. 

Oracle is honored that Cisco Tetration, a SaaS protection and cybersecurity offering from Cisco Systems, chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run their software.  As a secure cloud infrastructure provider, it is especially important that a security company like Cisco’s Tetration recognizes the security value of OCI.  When Navindra Yadav, founder of Tetration, head of Tetration Engineering, and Cisco Fellow, spoke at Oracle OpenWorld 2018, he outlined the value of OCI, both for performance and scalability as well as their security. 

He described the fact that the cost structure with their previous cloud vendor was very high due to the fact that they could not control the placement of their VMs.  When they migrated their software to OCI, however, they were pleasantly surprised to see that their utilization increased by 75% and their performance improved by 60x.  Because of the increased performance and utilization, they were able to expand their offerings to new businesses as well.

One of the key differentiators is OCI’s architecture, which leads to stronger security for Cisco.  Because of Oracle’s bare metal architecture, the servers are isolated from network traffic belonging to any other user, or even from Oracle’s own cloud-management traffic. The cloud customer—in this case, Cisco—has full control over the service’s software configuration, including operating systems and software. Cisco no longer had to deal with ‘noisy neighbors’ in their cloud deployment.  As a result, they could orchestrate their virtual machines and containers on top of their individual bare metal offering and without any concerns about security breaches. 

Read the latest Forbes article to learn more about Cisco’s Tetration deployment. 

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