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    January 15, 2020

Oracle Unleashes New Service to Help Safeguard the Internet for Business and Consumers

Cybersecurity risk has gone mainstream. These days, entire businesses, industries, and even countries need ways to detect, assess and mitigate growing cyber risks.

Defending corporate data will only get more difficult as the internet keeps evolving and becomes the connective tissue to a soaring number of endpoints. One estimate holds than more than 500 billion devices will be online by 2030. And the nature of attacks is also evolving.

For example, we’re seeing a significant spike in security events that take advantage of mistakes in the way internet traffic is routed around the world; more than 12,000 routing outages or routing leaks occurred in 2018, according to most recent data from the not-for-profit Internet Society. These incidents, sometimes known as border gateway protocol or BGP leaks or hijacks, redirect traffic from its intended recipient sometimes for the purpose of scamming visitors or for simply stealing data, or due to misconfiguration errors that cause a black hole for internet traffic.

To help combat this kind of incident, today we are introducing Oracle Internet Routing 3D Visualization as part of our Safer Internet Initiative to increase the public’s understanding of internet routing events such as BGP leaks and hijacks.

This new service will be free to the public. It builds on more than 15 years’ experience in monitoring and benchmarking the performance and functioning of the global public internet, and is intended to make it easier for users to visualize how traffic is flowing across the internet. The service makes use of the billions of data points which power our routing Internet Intelligence alerts and services and are processed through proprietary analytical algorithms and machine learning capabilities to help identify new types of threats.

By gaining a visual perspective of disruptive occurrences users can answer questions about which networks and geographies were affected the most over the course of any given incident, allowing them to analyze threats and remedy issues faster.

“Data visualization can be can be an incredibly effective tool to develop deeper understanding of what BGP incidents meant to the global Internet routing system,” said Job Snijders, IP Development Engineer with NTT Communications. ”It is exciting to see novel approaches being made available to help strengthen our collective Internet routing security posture.”

 “Route leaks are a powerful attack vector and in many cases difficult to detect,” said Andrei Robachevsky, senior technology program manager for the Internet Society. “When they result from configuration mistakes, leaks often cause significant outages on a global level. The tool developed by Oracle presents an interesting approach to quantitatively analyzing the scope and impact of such routing incidents.”

The Safer Internet Initiative is a program developed by the Oracle Cloud Security team. Oracle Cloud is the secure cloud for the enterprise, but we believe our commitment doesn’t stop there. The mission of the Safer Internet Initiative is to make the public internet safer and more secure for our enterprise customers – and all users – so that sensitive enterprise data is secure both in our cloud and beyond its edge. This is all the more critical now that workloads and services are shifting to third-party web-enabled systems, and access to cloud applications can travel through the public internet, meaning that generalized disruptions could have significant impacts on the performance of business applications.

Oracle has already released two services that align with this mission: Internet Intelligence Map (released May 2018) and IXP Filter Check (released October 2019). Today, we are proud to announce this third service, and we look forward continuing to find innovative ways to contribute to the internet community. Dive into the details of how Oracle Internet Routing 3D Visualization works here.

The goal of Oracle’s Safer Internet Initiative is to identify ways in which Oracle can contribute positively to the internet security community and boost knowledge about internet threats. After all, a more secure internet will benefit our enterprise customers and protect the data of all users. To that end, we hope Internet Routing 3D Visualization will help inform discussion around routing leaks and lead to greater preventative action and adoption of best practices.  

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