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Oracle Introduces the Dashboard For The Modern Database Fleet

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Authored By: Timothy Mooney, Senior Principal Product Marketing Director

If you’re an Oracle DBA, you’ve probably used Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM). It’s the de facto tool that DBAs have relied on for more than a decade. Which is why we’re excited to bring to you the dashboard for the modern database fleet. This new update will enable support for the Oracle Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud along with many other new capabilities.

Why is this news important? According to a survey by the International Oracle User Group, 6 in 10 respondents say the amount of resources going into legacy maintenance is hurting their organizations’ competitiveness. The dashboard coupled with the Autonomous Database frees up time spent on maintenance. Leaving you with more time to spend on innovation. You can now manage Autonomous Databases as a part of your fleet as well as a bigger fleet with your new capabilities.

So how does it work? Enterprise Manager continues to add features and support for new targets ensuring you get the deep visibility you are used to regardless of where your database targets are running. You get the same visibility whether they are running in your datacenter, Oracle Cloud infrastructure, and now including the Autonomous Database.

Some DBAs have set up their own monitoring and management, which is great, although it is getting progressively more complex and labor intensive with the growth of additional databases and moreover, the complexity of many deployment models, including on-premises, in the cloud, and the Autonomous Database. At the same time the database world gets more complex, Oracle Enterprise Manager continues to make it simpler regardless of where your databases are deployed; they are all managed and monitored the same, in a single pane of glass.  And troubleshooting is also easier with the performance hub, which houses all the most valuable troubleshooting tools reside in a one-stop shop, including ASH reports ADDM, and AWR reports.  On top of making Enterprise Manager easier to use, our new release of Enterprise Manager is also available on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplace.  With a few clicks you can stand up an instance of Oracle Enterprise Manager in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You don’t need to have your own hardware or datacenter for that matter. It’s all available for you in the cloud.

To get a sneak peek, register for this on-demand webcast, Introducing the Dashboard for the Modern Database Fleet to learn how administrators can get deep performance visibility for Oracle Autonomous Database with complete control over their entire database environments including on-premises and cloud deployments. 

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