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Machines Vs. Machines - How Adaptive Intelligence Can Save You From a Breach

Taylor Lewis
Product Marketing Manager

As we begin a new year, transitioning to hybrid environments is a top priority for many companies. While there are many questions surrounding the cloud transformation process, cloud security is a major topic. Many IT professionals want to understand how transformative solutions can provide an intelligent look at their environment at a rapid pace. How do companies with thousands of servers, countless solutions, and a growing amount of cloud vendors plan to handle this changing landscape? A key challenge is managing and securing data by taking an identity-based approach rather than the traditional rules based perimeter.

The threat is real, Security Operations Centers (SOC) are inundated with nearly 17,000 alerts per week. Their goal is to incorporate transparent solutions to detect any vulnerabilities and utilize automated remediation tactics. Business users look for solutions designed for ease of use; this often prompts them to invest in cloud solutions without the approval of central IT. By 2021, there will be an expected 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs left unfilled. Due to the limited security expertise within companies, the struggle to properly investigate security threats has increased the possibility of a breach slipping through. The average data breach at a large enterprise takes 100-120 days to resolve, as explained in the 2015 Kenna Security Gap Report. This is often caused by the number of disparate monitoring systems designed to track specific information, but not optimized to combine and make actionable decisions with that data.

In a 2016 Spotlight Report, 86% of participants did not trust traditional security solutions to fully manage security across the cloud. To adapt to these growing threats, Oracle has incorporated machine learning and artificial intelligence into the Oracle Identity SOC. A suite of products that utilize machine learning to detect and resolve issues without human intervention, a concept referred to as adaptive response. Oracle's Identity SOC is built to meet the needs of a modern digital business. It’s use of machine learning continuously adapts to your environment as data is entered and helps security professionals more effectively monitor behavior.  To learn more about Oracle’s intelligent security operations center, read the new whitepaper, "Machine Learning-Based Adaptive Intelligence: The Future of Cybersecurity.

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