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    April 8, 2020

Keep Your Security Knowledge Up to Date with These 5 Security Webcasts

Taylor Lewis
Product Marketing Manager

We learn new things every day, in our conversations with coworkers or the tv shows we watch, life is full of accumulated learning experiences. However, we don’t often set aside time for the purpose of learning. In school, we were forced to read hundreds of pages from a text book you used as a doorstop and when we start a new job, it is necessary to begin with training. However, as the years go by and we settle into our positions, it can be hard to carve out the time to really explore the things we are passionate about. I often struggle with this and find myself registering for webcasts that interest me only to miss them because of an important meeting that came up 10 minutes before the start. I think many of you would agree with me in saying this happens way more than we'd care to admit.

So for all the learners out there looking to explore their passion in cyber security, I've compiled a list of five recent security webcasts that I found particularly interesting.

Unlike the book you used as a doorstop, these webinars are easily digestible and provide you with food for thought. My hope is that after watching one (or five), you might explore a little more. Let's start a trend of continual learning in the security space, let's start conversations with each other and begin sharing more webcasts and articles -- even podcasts! When we fill our time with learning, we have the opportunity to think of new ideas and help propel our organizations forward.  

  • Secure by Design: Security in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Built-in security or third-party security? This is the question that many business and security leaders are trying to determine as they move business-critical workloads to the cloud. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, customers benefit from a cloud infrastructure which was conceived and architected with security as a primary design principle. Join our Oracle executives to hear how customers gain a greater sense of security with key innovations, including isolated network virtualization and pristine physical host deployment.
  • Cloud Security Tips from Oracle Executives
    Join this webcast to hear Oracle executives share the latest security trends and how you can address them with your executives and business leaders. With the latest Oracle Security announcements, learn how IT experts like you can use Oracle Cloud to address business demands and security for cloud infrastructure, data, and applications
  • Protect Your Data with Oracle Autonomous Database Security's Latest Features
    This webcast is great for anyone interested in learning about the self-securing capabilities of the Autonomous Database, including Data Safe, Autonomous Database Dedicated Services, and more. This webcast explores how these features expand upon the self-securing capabilities in Autonomous Database beyond the self-patching and always-on encryption.
  • Virtual Workshop: Assess Database Security with Oracle DBSAT Before Threats Emerge
    Whether it’s hackers attacking silently or auditors knocking at your door, it's wise to take a proactive approach to understanding the risk profile and value of your databases. Identifying potential weak spots in your database security posture is the first, and most fundamental step to reducing the potential attack surface area. Join Oracle product managers for a hands-on virtual workshop to discover how the Oracle Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) and Oracle Data Safe can be used to quickly evaluate your database security profile, including users, configurations and sensitive data types. 
  • A Game of Truth or Lies: Time to Put an End to the Oracle Identity Rumors
    Have you been hearing rumors that Oracle is leaving the identity space or that we’ve stopped innovating our enterprise Identity suite? We've heard these rumors too, and we thought it was time to set the record straight. Join us as we address these statements and explain how Oracle is modernizing IAM to enable modern use-cases.  

I hope this blog is useful as a guide to some of the latest resources available to anyone looking to learn more about security technology and perspectives. Interested in learning more? Our blog is always a great source, as we feature upcoming webcasts and articles on a number of security topics.


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