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    October 28, 2019

Keep Your Data Secure On and Off the Cloud: Defense In-Depth

Maywun Wong
Director, Product Marketing

“In our recent Cloud Threat Report, we asked respondents how concerned they were with 13 different types of threats over the next 12 months. All 13 different types of attacks had at least half of all respondents highly concerned. That shows that external threats are highly varied, damaging, and keeping security experts awake at night.” – Laurent Gil, Architect, Oracle

Which bank would you trust with your money: The one with a locking vault door, the one with an alarm system, or the one with an armed guard?

It’s easy to see that it shouldn’t be an either/or question. You would want a bank to have all of the above, and then some. The more types of protection, the better.

Cybersecurity in the cloud era works the same way. It’s not about finding the one strongest type of security. It’s about defense in-depth, overlapping layers that protect from multiple angles of attack.

Better cloud security is crucial for every business, regardless of industry or size. There’s a lot at stake: Juniper Research estimates that data breaches will cost business $8 trillion between 2017 and 2022. To avoid contributing to that total, business leaders must take initiative on increasing their organization’s security capabilities.

“Companies need to evaluate what data is at risk. At the end of the day, companies must have a cybersecurity culture. They need to have multiple sets of eyes reviewing systems and procedures in the hopes that hackers will look for an easier target.” Rich Tehrani, Futurist & Corporate Advisor

Our latest briefing is designed to help your business create a more secure environment in the cloud and beyond.

Read Modern Defense In-Depth: A Briefing on Cybersecurity in the Age of Cloud to learn:

  • The four major categories of cybersecurity threat
  • The best practices for defense in each category
  • How to build a comprehensive, multi-layered security model
  • How to extend your security model off-cloud

In addition to expert advice from our team, we asked leaders in technology and cybersecurity to share their insights:

  • Michael Fisher, Systems Analyst, Whitcraft Group
  • Tony Flath, Enterprise Account Executive, Shaw Business
  • Laurent Gil, Architect, Oracle Cloud
  • Ratan Jyoti, Chief Information Security Officer, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Limited
  • Greg Jensen, Senior Director, Cloud Security, Oracle
  • Rich Tehrani, Futurist & Corporate Advisor, CEO at TMC
  • Eric Vanderburg, Vice President of Cybersecurity, TCDI
  • Ken Westin, Director, ITOA & Security Solutions, Elastic
  • Helen Yu, Founder & CEO, Tigon Advisory Corp

The modern threat landscape is complex, and hackers are relentless in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. It’s up to all of us to outplan and outsmart them.

Read Modern Defense In-Depth: A Briefing on Cybersecurity in the Age of Cloud to get started.

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