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Inside the Mind of a Database Hacker at OpenWorld in Dubai

Pedro Lopes
Product Manager

The first step in beating your enemy is to understand them.  Knowing all the ways an attacker might try to hack you is virtually impossible.  Understanding what’s in the Mind of a Database Hacker? Much more feasible.  Different hackers have different motivations that can range from simple curiosity to, the most common - financial gain.  They are after your data and probably know where it is. The consequences for Organizations are huge - Reputation loss, fines, class action lawsuits, and C-level resignations. We’ve seen all.

Whether attacking alone or sponsored by nation-state attackers tend to be highly motivated, have all the time in the world, all the resources, all the infrastructure and have a great sense of community.  Automation is big in the hackers’ land, and even newcomers to the field now leverage powerful tools that can quickly exploit known vulnerabilities.  These tools are often free or available in a marketplace where you can buy tools and services like HaaS (Hacking as a Service). The impact a relatively new and unskilled newbie can have is unimaginable compared with just a few years back.
What about you? Do you know where your sensitive data is? Are you doing enough to protect it? Remember, some data might not look that important but if that data serves an application that fulfills a specific line of business need, it will definitely be interesting for an attacker. Information may either be valuable alone or leveraged by combining it with other pieces of information to reach a bigger target.

To know more, join me, Pedro Lopes, Oracle’s EMEA  Product Manager for Database Security at Oracle Open World Middle East in Dubai and take a trip into the mind of a cybercriminal.  We’ll talk about typical ways a database is hacked, some of the recent attacks, and ways to mitigate the most common attack vectors.

Inside the Head of a Database Hacker [SES2043-DUB]
Monday, February 11, 01:25 PM - 02:00 PM
Forum 6 (The Exchange, Level 1) - Dubai World Trade Centre

See you there!

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