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Inside 3 New Oracle Cloud Edge Services

Colin Steele
Product Communications Specialist

The edge is where your cloud meets your users and endpoints. A secure, high-performing edge is a requirement for delivering secure, high-performing cloud services.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has released three new features -- a web application firewall (WAF), DNS traffic management, and health checks -- to improve edge security and performance. Let's take a look at each service and how it works:

Web application firewall

The web is the hub of modern business. DDoS attacks can take down web applications and sites, grinding business to a halt. And malicious bots can steal sensitive data, scrape content, and otherwise cause havoc on the web.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure WAF protects against these threats, whether they target web applications hosted on premises, in the Oracle Cloud, or even in multicloud deployments. The cloud-based WAF inspects all traffic requests going to and from a web server, and it identifies potential threats based on Open Web Access Security Project rules, threat intelligence feeds, and other sources.

Organizations can also use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure WAF to control access to web services based on the request's country of origin or other factors.

Traffic management and health checks

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's traffic management capabilities now enable administrators to optimize the user experience by controlling where to route incoming DNS queries. Organizations can configure and implement routing policies based on the user's location, the availability of specific endpoints, and other factors.

The main use cases of DNS traffic management include failover for high availability and disaster recovery, load balancing for cloud migration and scaling, and source-based steering to improve performance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's external health checks, which integrate with traffic management, monitor a workload's performance and availability outside of its host cloud. This is important because external factors can hurt the user experience of a particular service, even if it's running optimally in the cloud environment. If external health checks identify an issue, traffic management can re-route requests around it, improving performance and availability.

For more information about Oracle's core-to-edge security, visit the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Services page.

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