Cloud Security Perspectives and Insights

Hear from Customers in a New and Interactive Oracle Security Book

Taylor Lewis
Product Marketing Manager

It's 2018 and technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, many organizations haven't seemed to figure out how to fend off attacks and they just keep coming. As noted in the new Oracle interactive Ebook, Intelligent, Automated Security, companies are battling a relentless struggle against highly motivated adversaries. Organizations are scrambling to find new, cost effective ways to transform their business - security needs to be at the forefront of that strategy.

New threats are emerging, technologies using machine learning, AI, and bots can all be used maliciously. These attacks can cost organizations millions of dollars and damage customer trust. There is a heightened sense of urgency as many IT organizations realize their traditional security solutions are no longer keeping pace with the current threat landscape. Threats continue to pour in, while organizations struggle to keep adequate expertise on hand.  For example, many teams are experiencing alert fatigue, a concept detailing missed malicious attacks due to the sheer number of false positive alerts from siloed systems. In a recent survey, 42% of respondents reported ignoring a significant number of alerts because they simply receive more than they could handle. In response to this, Oracle is taking a new approach to security. Oracle's Identity-based Security Operations Center (SOC) enables organizations to manage authentication, assign risk scores, and automate remediation across your environment. All without human intervention.

Every IT organization is unique and with Oracle's comprehensive suite of technologies - you have flexibility and choice. Understanding common challenges and how organizations defend themselves is crucial. Read the new Oracle Cloud Ebook Intelligent, Automated Security,  for more information on the current threat landscape and Oracle's approach to securing hybrid clouds. This interactive book takes you on a journey through some of the most pertinent topics in cybersecurity. It is also a great opportunity to hear directly from customers and experts in your industries on how they have used Oracle Cloud to innovate their business.

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