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Getting the full value out of your Enterprise IAM Solution with Oracle and Simeio

Taylor Lewis
Product Marketing Manager

Oracle Enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM) Suite offers organizations a complete, integrated, next-generation identity management platform. With a deep set of capabilities and a highly customizable platform, Oracle Enterprise IAM offers customers a powerful solution. However, as we see in the recent Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report, 44% of organizations shared that cybersecurity is one of the areas in which their company has the most problematic shortage of IT skills, skilled staff is hard to find and even harder to retain. Enter Simeio, an Oracle Gold Partner, with more than 12 years of experience in working with Oracle Enterprise IAM solutions; organizations can begin to realize the robust Identity capabilities available to them.

We know that every Identity customer has very unique needs, that their requirements will almost certainly differ from one another, but regardless of these needs, there is an option that can support their objectives. I had the pleasure of sitting down for a Q&A session with Simeio’s Executive Vice President, Anshuman Chakravartty to learn more about Oracle and Simeio’s great partnership. Anshuman explained Simeio’s multifaceted approach to helping organizations realize the full value of IAM platforms. By taking what most organizations would do on a project by project basis, Simeio creates a holistic process that saves time and reduces cost. In this blog, I’ll take you through Anshuman’s answers and share more insights into Simeio as an Oracle partner and their strong relationships with customers.

Can you tell us about the partnership between Simeio and Oracle?

Anshuman: Something I find important to note, is that we’ve been an Oracle partner since the beginning. There are a couple of key reasons for that. We are solely focused on identity and access management and Oracle has been one of the leaders in that space. The work that we do spans every aspect of IAM, and our offerings truly complement the Oracle stack, taking it to the next level for our customers.

Another key component to the partnership is coming in to support customers who are in the buying process or those that have purchased Oracle Enterprise IAM, Simeio can assist in creating a strategy to gauge how they can leverage a solution like Oracle’s, our advisory services come in and provide strategic guidance on how to implement it and truly get the best out of their investment. At times, customers have struggled to get the level of capabilities because of a lack of expertise, and Simeio’s extensive experience with Oracle Enterprise IAM can truly bridge that gap.

What are some of the challenges organizations are facing that could hold them back from success with their IAM solution? How can Simeio help?

Anshuman: The biggest issue we see in the industry is our customers being able to retain talent or even hire talent with the expertise needed for their IAM solution. The industry is rapidly evolving, and there are constantly changing requirements, new modes of deployment – whether that is in the cloud, hybrid IT models, or DevOps. How does the customer stay current with all of these requirements?

That’s where Simeio comes in, and we do that best with our IDaaS offering. It is past keeping the lights on; it actually adds technical depth to the platform so customers can continue to enrich their solution and provide a seamless, frictionless offering for their end users while improving their security risk posture.

What’s the number one reason customers should consider working with Simeio for their Oracle IAM needs?

Anshuman: Our number one goal is to help customers truly leverage their solution. Whether a solution is deployed on-premises or in the cloud is less relevant, but with an end to end Oracle stack, it provides benefits to the customer from a cost and support perspective. Simeio can add a lot of value, especially in helping customers understand their end goals, we aren’t coming in to sell a product, we are here to show the value of a complete IAM solution. Simeio will help customers think about what the solution will look like in the end; we start by asking questions. How is it going to address their gaps from a risk perspective? How is it going to help them with their SLAs for services? How can it provide ease of use to onboard and offboard users? We have taken all the experience we have in identity and access management and rather than treating this on a project by project basis, we know it should truly be a process. Having Simeio as a managed service provider (MSP) layer on top of Oracle’s Enterprise IAM helps alleviate some of the common concerns customers would have to manage otherwise, like being sure they are on the latest patch, that their underlying integrations are working, and that the cloud is talking to the on-premises applications, just to name a few.

Simeio offers their customers a wide variety of services from consulting and implementation to their IDaaS offering as an MSP. With many years of successful customer relationships and successful implementations, we’d also like to share the story of one customer who has experienced tremendous success with Oracle Enterprise IAM through their partnership with Simeio. 

About six years ago, a Fortune 200 manufacturer and retailer of 30 globally recognized clothing and footwear brands brought Simeio in to do an assessment to understand their best path to success with IAM. At the direction of Simeio, the customer selected Simeio’s IDaaS solution with Oracle Identity Manager. Not only did the solution help them with their 80,000+ global users, it also supported their quarterly access reviews, helping them address their compliance requirements. Starting with foundational requirements around governance, they’ve gone on to layer several additional capabilities, ultimately leading to a one stop shop for anything access related. As part of their IDaaS solution, Simeio completes the upgrades for this customer, allowing them to focus on innovation, with near zero business impact. Today, there are more than 1300 applications onboarded to their platform and it is truly a solution that continues to evolve and improve.

This is just one great story to highlight the partnership between Oracle and Simeio. Interested in learning more? Visit Oracle’s Partner Network page for more details and visit Simeio’s page to see more detail about their services and consulting offerings.


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