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Five Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Based Web Application Firewall for Your Business

Maywun Wong
Director, Product Marketing

I've embraced online banking, e-payments, and 3rd party payment systems like Paypal and Venmo.   They have become part of my day-to-day life, and I take for granted that the website where I am handling my money is safe. 

Of course, that’s not always the case.  Malicious ‘bad actors’, like bots, DDoS attacks, and web server vulnerability exploits, means the web applications that we all rely on are particularly vulnerable.  Last year’s Backswap malware attacked six major Spanish banks’ websites.  The malware inserted trojan JavaScript to create a classic man-in-the-browser attack, seemingly transparent to the end user.  However, if the banking customer tried to transfer money to a new account, the malware would instead create a false destination account to receive the money, thus stealing the funds from the consumer.

Web application firewalls (WAF) are a powerful way to protect your business from harmful malware to protect your business-critical web applications.  Historically, WAFs were typically deployed with an on-premise appliance-based solution.  However, with more applications and information being deployed on a cloud scale, it’s critical that the WAF technology continues to keep up.  Today’s best WAF solutions are deployed to support hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Here are five reasons why organizations like yours should consider a cloud-based WAF solution:

  1. They scale with your business, leveraging the power and scalability of cloud networks to isolate your endpoints from incoming threats.
  2. They block attacks outside your perimeter even before it reaches your network.
  3. They provide the best security for multiple web application hosting environments, including on-premise, cloud, hybrid, and multi-clouds.
  4. Managed services can ease your burden with a team of experienced internet security experts who monitor your environment and recommend proven threat mitigation steps.
  5. They have a low total cost of ownership without major investments in resources or ongoing costs related to maintenance, hardware replacement, and software upgrades.

Oracle’s Web Application Firewall, part of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and a key part of the Oracle Security portfolio, is a cloud based WAF which will protect the hybrid or multi-cloud environment, regardless of where internet-facing applications are hosted. 

Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall, in our latest brochure and datasheet

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