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Keeping Data Safe – on-premises!

Vipin Samar
Senior VIce President

Most organizations rely on databases to manage their most critical asset – their data.  If not protected, this data can become their biggest liability.  Last year, we introduced Oracle Data Safe to help customers secure their cloud databases and help them meet compliance regulations.  It wasn’t long before we were asked to expand Data Safe’s scope and also include support for databases on-premises.  We are excited to announce that Data Safe is now also available for your Oracle Database on-premises, bringing the same level of security and visibility to all of your databases, whether cloud or on-premises.

While many organizations are moving or evaluating their move to the cloud, many others continue to retain their critical databases on-premises. However, data security requirements remain, and these databases are equally susceptible to cyberattacks and subject to compliance regulations. Security teams worry about risks with their databases' configuration, users, and data. 

  • Is my database configured securely? What are the gaps? Has my database drifted away from its approved configuration?
  • Who are my privileged users? Are they following our security policies?  What if they become the target of an attack?
  • Can we audit our user activities? What activities should I audit?
  • What sensitive data do I have, where, and how much?  How much risk do I have?
  • Can I protect our sensitive data outside of production environments for test and dev?

Organizations want to address these challenges, but without special expertise, time, and resources, the status-quo takes over, and the security risks just keep piling up. Attackers don't wait – they go for easy targets with lots of monetizable data. Auditors don't wait either. 

Data Safe addresses security challenges for on-premises databases with a cloud service that detects gaps in databases’ defensive posture. The easy to use cloud service provides visibility into security issues with data and database users. Data Safe provides recommendations on how to contain security risks and highlights any drifts from approved security baselines.  It discovers and categorizes sensitive data, and for non-production databases, it anonymizes and masks sensitive data to minimize security. With Data Safe, all security data along with the related reports and alerts are available in a single dashboard.

Instead of spending many months deploying and managing multiple point products for each of the above challenges, you can use Data Safe right away as your single, unified security service with an integrated dashboard.

Data Safe works with all Oracle databases, whether on-premises or in the cloud, including Oracle Database Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition, Exadata, and Oracle Autonomous Database.

Data Safe takes just minutes to configure and provides actionable information within the first hour. No deployment hassles.  No management hassles.  No deep security expertise needed.  No technology risk – it’s a cloud service that requires no deployment or maintenance and grows as your needs change.

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