Cloud Security Perspectives and Insights

Changing Perceptions for Securing and Managing Hybrid Clouds

Taylor Lewis
Product Marketing Manager

Following several widespread and highly publicized breaches around the world, companies have realized a need to invest more in security. Although security was always a concern, these attacks have been a catalyst for change. Despite this surge in recognition, cyberattacks are still on the rise. In parallel, customers are rapidly adopting new applications, many of which are SaaS deployments. As organizations recognize the benefits of change, they must also acknowledge the massive expansion of hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, and that the changing IT landscape requires a shift in thinking. IT organizations must now work closely with the lines of business(LoB), which have been empowered by easily deployed cloud solutions. These business leaders, sometimes referred to as "shadow IT", often ran into difficulty with IT teams in the past. These challenges stemmed from the painful deployment of legacy applications, requirements to adhere to corporate risk policy, and perhaps frequent outages. IT teams should approach cloud transformation as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between IT and LoBs. Rather than be seen as inhibitors to business transformation and speed, IT has the opportunity to be seen as enablers of a more secure future for the business.

Organizations should consider how their security and management strategy may change in this transition as well. Businesses need solutions designed for the future, that incorporate AI and Machine Learning to enhance an organization's ability to rapidly detect suspicious behavior and respond without human interaction. This is a critical piece of the puzzle as organizations fight to stay ahead of cybercriminals.

To combat today's sophisticated threats, organizations must recognize the need for greater visibility. Incorporating an integrated security and management strategy can offer the visibility and automated remediation customers need to hold the competitive edge.

Stronger Together
A constant concern expressed by IT organizations is the lack of consolidated information. According to the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report, organizations manage an average of 46 different cybersecurity products. These tools were implemented to alleviate one problem, but can often cause other problems as organizations try to piece together data from a multitude of systems. Oracle's security and management  solutions are designed to offer customers the flexibility and support needed to protect today's hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Real-Time Insights, Proactive Defense
Oracle's security and management cloud services utilize machine learning techniques to deliver fast insights, streamline diagnostics, and predict outages before they occur - allowing organizations to focus on innovation, rather than manually sorting through thousands of security alerts each week.

Cloud solutions continue to spread across organizations and the need for a comprehensive platform seems more crucial than ever. Each organization is responsible for protecting their unique technology footprint, with Oracle's security and management cloud services, organizations have the flexibility and agility to add in completely integrated services that will support their needs. Access our new cloud essentials guide to learn more about securing and managing hybrid clouds.

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  • Michael Sandsmark Thursday, December 20, 2018
    Great discussion, but I was surprised that Data Encryption wasn't mentioned as one of the key ways for IT shops to protect their data...
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