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Maywun Wong
Director, Product Marketing

When I was in college, the numbering of the classes was affiliated with the level of advancement of the class. Classes for underclassmen were usually in the 100s and 200s – 101, 150, 201, 251 while advanced courses for upperclassmen were in the 300s and up.  Even though college is a distant memory, we are all constantly learning in our professional lives.  Cloud security is no exception, as it has evolved in the last few years. 

A History Lesson

As recently as 2014, as the allure of the cloud and its new computing model began to entice businesses to consider the newest technology, data security concerns also started to emerge.  There were concerns about the general data security model and the realization that data could be located in more than one place in the globe.  Fast forward a few short years, and the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019 noted that 72% of participating organizations shared that they view public clouds as much more or somewhat more secure than what they can deliver on-premises

Starting Your Cloud Security Journey

As you join your peers in having more business-critical cloud services compared to last year, it’s important to recognize how to find the right, trusted cloud provider who can bolster your business’s security and compliance posture.   Before you can learn how to protect your business’s apps and data against attacks and know how to best comply with mandates like GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act, you must know about the current state of cloud security, how best to divide the shared responsibility between the cloud service provider and customer, and how security can help address compliance goals. Read our latest guide about Cloud Security to learn about the top 10 requirements for IT security in the age of cloud and hear more about how to:

- Mitigate unsanctioned IT risks
- Manage security alert overload
- Address IT security skills shortages
- Use machine learning in threat detection

More Advanced Cloud Security – the Architecture

If you feel that you already know the starting information about Cloud Security, it’s time to move to more advanced subjects, like the security architecture of the cloud infrastructure.  Our newest paper from our security experts in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure team have written about the security-first design principles in the second-generation infrastructure-as-a-service.  It covers principles such as:

  • Isolated network virtualization
  • Pristine physical host deployment
  • Tiered defenses
  • Highly secure operations

and more to provide better customer isolation compared to previous cloud infrastructure generations and help reduce risk from advanced persistent threats.  The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Architecture whitepaper can be downloaded here for you to further your cloud security knowledge. 

Want to know more?  Check out our Oracle Security page and the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security Infographic for more details about Oracle’s security portfolio, both in the cloud and on premises as well as details about each of our products.   Good luck on your continued cloud security journey!


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