• May 8, 2018

Top Kubecon Takeaways and What's Next

Bob Quillin
Vice President Developer Relations

Kubecon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 is now in the record books, and after a solid Day 1 and Day 2, the show closed off with a great set of last day sessions. With a little bit of retrospect now, here a mixtape of my top takeaways from the conference. 

Serverless Strategy: Better Get a Map

Leading off with a bit of Art of War by Sun Tzu, Simon Wardley's keynote on Friday called out five factors in competition that matter: purpose, landscape, climate, doctrine and leadership and then jumped into OODA loops - observe, orient, decide, and act - developed by United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd, laying the foundation for his theories on Strategy, Situational Awareness, and Mapping. Maps must be "visual, have context, an anchor, position, and movement." The video above walks through the rest of the story which ends on applying strategic mapping to the serverless space - where too much focus on containers may miss the massive shift ahead in serverless.

Source: @swardley Twitter feed

Standards, Serverless, FaaS, and CNCF

Friday was a heavy serverless day which honestly put serverless in the unenviable "last day" position. Nonetheless, some of the best sessions of the conference (and keynotes, too - see above) came through. Chad Arimura and Matt Stephenson from the Fn project wowed the crowd with their presentation and demo on "Operating a Global-Scale FaaS on Top of Kubernetes."

The CloudEvents announcement - supported by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the Fn Project, and all the major providers - was the high point of the conference in terms of community standards and industry interoperability.

And Austen Collins pulled one massive serverless interoperability demo in his late morning presentation. 

In Denmark, Danish are called Viennese 

Pausing on the technology updates, I have to admit I'm a huge pastry and breakfast breads fan.  And Denmark did not let me down with some of the best made Danish I've ever had - awesome!  But imagine my shock to learn that in Denmark, Danish are called Viennese - huh!

 Git on the GitOps Train

GitOps - introduced (to me) in Alexis Richardson's keynote and reinforced in a variety of other sessions - furthers the culture and logic of DevOps using Git as the "source of truth for the desired state of the whole system." Check out the whole session here for all the details.

Time to Get Kozy with Kubernetes

I'll close with the other major theme from Kubecon Copenhagen, and that was Kubernetes and it's post graduate status - having crossed the chasm and into it's next phase:

 To that end, the community including Oracle has rallied around taking Kubernetes to that next level of maturity, focusing on key real-world Kubernetes issues including governance, security, networking, storage, scale, and manageability. Enterprises can now get "kozy" with Kubernetes leveraging all the aspects of Hygge we learned in Copenhagen.

That's a wrap on Kubecon Europe 2018 - see you all in Kubecon Seattle or sooner down the road!

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