• March 26, 2019

Shipped! Kubernetes 1.14

The newest release of Kubernetes 1.14 is out! I took a quick look at the release notes, and it seems fantastic, especially for those wanting to run K8s on Windows. You can review all the release notes from the official docs but here's a quick summary:

  • Official support for Windows worker nodes: While you could run .NET Core application on Kubernetes before, it's exciting to see that you can now use Windows worker nodes, with official support! Starting with Kubernetes 1.14 you can formally run a Windows machine as a worker node and schedule Windows containers. This is excellent news for enterprises that have been wanting to use Kubernetes, and are heavily invested in a Windows-based ecosystem. 
  • New docs site for Kubectl: Kubectl is the Kubernetes API, and is the first thing you interact with when using Kubernetes. The docs for Kubectl have been a part of the official Kubernetes documentation and have moved to their own area now. I like this change because it gives the API more emphasis, and is a better first experience for a Kubernetes developer.
  • Kubectl and kustomize integration: I'll be honest, I haven't used kustomize that much. However, after some further examination, I can see how you would want to use it to simplify your YAMLs. You can also now call kustomize commands directly from existing kubectl commands via the -k flag.
  • General availability of persistent local volumes: This feature is essential for those looking to use local storage on a node. Being able to reliably use local storage for databases will give you an additional boost in terms of performance. Read more about Local volumes here

There are quite a few additional features that were part of the announcement, including PID Limiting graduating to beta, hardened default RBAC configs, and various pod updates that you can read about in detail here

Got a favorite enhancement in this list that I didn't cover? Let me know by commenting below, or follow our updates at http://cloudnative.oracle.com!


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