• May 29, 2018

Serverless, Kubernetes, Containers - Get Ready for Oracle Code London This Week

Bob Quillin
Vice President Developer Relations

The Oracle Code event lands in London this week on Wednesday, May 30, bringing with it a jam-packed agenda of developer focused labs, sessions, and demos with a heavy focus on containers, serverless, and Kubernetes. There’s a wide range of content from advanced deep dives to getting-started courses and labs. Here are a few of the highlights to check out:

  • Honey I Shrunk the Container: 11:15am - 12:00pm, Room A, Ewan Slater

Containers have become the standard mechanism for packaging, delivering and deploying microservice architectures, new apps, and legacy projects. They provide a simpler, more lightweight architecturally significant form of virtualization than VMs. They are a natural candidate for running microservices. But can we do better? If we can simplify our containers, we can shrink them further, improving performance, security, and manageability. This talk discusses the advantages of microcontainers, how to build and use them and a set of open source tools (donated by Oracle) that can help. Read up on the Microcontainer Manifesto here!

In this hands-on lab you’ll be introduced to the open source Fn functions platform and learn how easy it is to write and deploy functions using Java and other popular programing languages. We’ll walk through installing Fn on your laptop and how to define, build, and deploy functions. Once we’re done with the basics we’ll dive into using the Java FDK (Function Developer Kit) to accelerate function development and testing. We’ll also see how Fn’s packaging of functions as Docker containers enables advanced use cases not commonly possible with function platforms. When it's all over you’ll be ready to start using Fn to build highly responsive and scalable applications and services. Familiarity with Java and/or Go is recommended but not absolutely necessary for this lab. (PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR HANDS-ON LABS. YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE HANDS-ON LABS.)

  • Will Serverless and Kubernetes Kill DevOps?: 12:10pm - 12:55pm, Room A

Thom Leggett from Oracle will take you on a guided climb up the modern application development stack. Start at base-camp: the operating system, then proceed via containers and container orchestration to finally summit at serverless computing. With a panoramic view from the top of the stack you will learn how these emerging technologies can streamline your operations and engineering, saving you money and letting you focus on meeting your business needs instead of managing infrastructure. Along the way you will encounter such specimens as Oracle Linux, Docker, Kubernetes and serverless Functions-as-a-Service platforms such as the Fn Project. Finally, before descending to base-camp for a nice cup of tea, you will discover how native species such as the DevOps will have to adapt or die in this new habitat.

  • Implementing Functions as a Service on a Container Native Serverless Platform: 1:55pm - 2:40pm, Room A, Andrea Morena

Serverless computing is gaining popularity because it allows developers to focus on the functionality of their code and not be worried about the target deployment environment. Developer's code can scale as needed automatically and another advantage is that serverless is elastic in its compute utilization which means you use compute resources only as they are needed in an on-demand fashion.

  • Democratizing Serverless: The Fn Project: 4:05pm - 4:50pm, Auditorium, Thom Leggett & Matthew Gilliard

Developers just want to write and deploy their code. This sounds easy enough but typically before you can deploy you need to allocate the necessary infrastructure including provisioning machines, configuring storage, configuring networking, and so on—all just to run even one line of code! Fortunately, serverless function platforms that eliminate infrastructure concerns entirely are appearing, although the majority of those platforms are proprietary.

Don’t miss Martin Thompson’s keynote to lead things off in the morning on “High Performance Managed Languages,” and make sure to check out the Developer Lounge and a wide range of other hot sessions from the future of Java to blockchain to the super cool Bloodhound project. See you all there!

To register or for more info make sure to check out https://developer.oracle.com/code/london-may-2018.

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