• December 8, 2018

KubeCon Here We Come!

Alexandra Huff
Director of Java Global Marketing

We’re excited for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2018 in Seattle starting next week, and the awesome speakers and great community events we have lined up. We hope to see you there to share what Oracle Cloud Native Labs is up to these days. Here’s a sneak peek.

Monday, December 10

The fun kicks off on Monday with the co-located conference events. We’ll be hosting the Cloud Native Culture & Industry Summit with a collection of leading edge cloud native minds, who will delight you with a concentrated dose of technical talks paired with hands-on learning.

The Cloud Native Past, Present, and Future panel, moderated by Kaslin Fields, Oracle Solutions Architect focusing on containers, is chock full of your favorite practitioners, innovators, and maintainers including Kris Nova, Ashley McNamara, John Harris. They will delve into milestones of our evolution, what's driving key technology choices today, and defining innovation for the future. These influencers will expose what's at stake and distill what really matters.

Hear from the creator of the Fn Project, the container-native serverless platform, and former co-founder and CEO of Iron.IO, Chad Arimura, and from Christopher Woods, an HPC Fn user who is pushing the boundaries of compute with open source.

The former Co-Founder of OneOps, now Cloud Architect at Oracle leading design and implementation of a distributed application management system, Kire Filipovski will share his team's latest open sourced tooling for creating a fully autonomous modern application development framework.

You will also hear from Bob Quillin, Oracle VP of Developer Relations and former co-founder and CEO of StackEngine, Micha Hernandez van Leuffen, Oracle VP Developer Solutions and former CEO of Wercker, and TJ Fontaine, Oracle Container Native Architect and Kubernetes Contribution Lead and Former Node.js Project Lead; they will delve into cloud native ethos, serverless, extending Kubernetes for app dev, how to deploy secure, agile microservices, and more.

Oracle is proud to support Women Who Code by donating $100 per new registration for The Cloud Native Summit on December 10. Simply log in to your KubeCon registration, add the summit for free, and you will get amazing content, a free t-shirt, and the satisfaction of helping a good cause!

Tuesday, December 11

7:30am - 8:45am, Chelan 2 at The Conference Center

The New Stack Pancake Breakfast, Podcast, and Panel Discussion

Mono to Micro to FaaS: A Macro Challenge, Sponsored by Oracle

The move to a more agile, cloud native architecture means first breaking down the monolith into loosely coupled microservices. And for those organizations ready to take the next step, breaking those down further still into nano-services, or even smaller functions. All of these tiny services make it tempting for developers to focus only on their own piece of the application. But application design must be considered at a macro level in order to form a holistic strategy. Join Oracle for this discussion of how they moved from mono to micro to Functions as a Service (FaaS), and how to think through the transition and the complications you may encounter along the way. 

This event, hosted by Alex Williams, Founder and Editor-in-Chief and Joab Jackson, Managing Editor, of The New Stack, presents panelists Chad Arimura, VP Serverless Advocacy at Oracle and former CEO and co-founder of Iron.IO; Tom Petrocelli, Research Fellow, Amalgam Insights; Ara Pulido, Engineering Manager, Bitnami; and Christopher Woods, Research Software Engineer, University of Bristol.

4:30pm - 5:05pm, Tahoma 1/2 at The Conference Center

The Cloud Native Meetup Community A-Z

Moderated by Kaslin Fields, Oracle

The Cloud Native open source community is famous not only for the great technical capability it provides but also for the incredible members who create and support it. The Cloud Native community spans the globe but getting to know the community near YOU can be especially helpful. Meetups are a common tool throughout the tech world for people with similar interests to learn from one another, and it’s particularly popular with open source communities. Wherever you are, there’s probably a meetup near you. And if there isn’t, you can start one yourself! In this talk, container and cloud-native related meetup founders, organizers, speakers, and hosts from companies ranging from small startups to fortune 500 enterprises will discuss their experiences with the meetup community.

Moderated by Kaslin Fields, Oracle Solutions Architect, the panelists are Matt Baldwin, Director, Cloud Native Engineering, NetApp and founder and CEO of StackPointCloud, Inc; Lee Calcote, Founder, Layer5; Ihor Dvoretskyi, Developer Advocate, Cloud Native Computing Foundation and co-founder and co-lead of the Kubernetes Product Management Special Interest Group; Paris Pittman, DevRel Program Manager, Kubernetes Community, Google, co-chair of the special interest group for Contributor Experience, and organizer of a Bay Area Kubernetes Meetup with 4,000 members.

Wednesday, December 12

4:30pm - 5:05pm, 4C 1/2

Noobernetes 101: Top 10 Questions We Get From New K8s Users

Karthik Gaekwad, Principal Engineer, Oracle and Neependra Khare, Founder , CloudYuga

Neependra and Karthik offer popular Kubernetes 101 courses on edX and lynda.com with over 200,000 views. Over time, they’ve received many questions from folks who are new to K8s, after taking the courses, or in training. They will spend some time elaborating on answers to the most common questions they’ve received, so come prepared to pose your beginner or advanced queries!
 They’ll cover the following FAQs and more that they repeatedly hear, such as:
 - What kind of services should I use for my applications?
 - Shouldn’t I be using Istio instead of K8s now? What does K8s buy me when I can use istio?
 - How can we do capacity planning in K8s?
 - Why there is a high learning curve in K8s? Isn’t K8s too complicated?
 - What is the best way to set a development environment with K8s?
 and many more
You’ll leave with a much better understanding of K8s, the ecosystem, and feel more confident in your knowledge to take on the cloud native world.

Thursday, December 13

1:45pm - 2:20pm, Ballroom 6C

Container Networking from Scratch

Kristen Jacobs, Principal Software Engineer, Oracle

In this session you will learn how to construct an overlay network across multiple hosts in just a few lines of bash. Containers in a system such as Kubernetes need to be able to communicate, and a common networking solution is to use an overlay network, for example, Flannel. In this talk we aim to 'demystify' container networking, and its constituent elements such as Linux bridges, veth pairs, routing routes and TUN/TAP devices. 

Starting with defining a simple network namespace, we will work through networking between containers on the same machine (using the default docker model), up toward a full overlay network spanning multiple machines (as in Kubernetes). We will explain both how this works and why/when it is required, providing the necessary background for understanding and evaluating common
existing Kubernetes networking solutions such as Flannel and Calico.

3:40pm - 4:15pm, 611-614

Running MySQL on Kubernetes

Patrick M. Galbraith, Oracle 

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database and there are a number of ways to run it on Kubernetes. This talk will demonstrate how running a complex stateful application such as a database is made easier using Kubernetes. MySQL deployment patterns will start with simple MySQL asynchronous replicated master/slave MySQL and Galera synchronous multi-master replication both deployed as StatefulSets using Helm charts. Following the simple patterns, a detailed demonstration will showcase the MySQL Operator which uses group replication and the MySQL router, and makes creating MySQL clusters, backups, and restorations trivial.

We will then cover the Vitess Clustering system and its operator for horizontal scaling of MySQL, with numerous benefits such as built-in sharding and shard management, connection-pooling, and query sanitization.

Technology Showcases

Stop by booth P4 for our technology showcase, including our certified Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes, Oracle Container Infrastructure Registry, serverless technology, and entire suite of cloud native services.

Jon Reeve, Oracle Senior Director Product Management, and Shaun Smith, Oracle Director of Product Management, will be on hand to demo Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes/Registry and serverless developments on the open source Fn Project.

Cloud Native Services: Develop, Provision, Orchestrate, Observe

Mark De Visser, Oracle Cloud Principal Product Manager, will delve into a range of Oracle Cloud Native Infrastructure services and how they can help cloud native developers.  

Expand Your Expertise with Hands on Labs from Oracle Cloud Native Labs

Jesse Butler, Oracle Cloud Native Developer Advocate, will guide attendees through some exciting labs that he is bringing to KubeCon. Try your hand at navigating the Oracle Cloud by accessing the OCI Console, deploying a virtual machine, pushing an image to OCIR, deploying a load balanced application, scaling a Kubernetes service, building a Microservice with Helidon, using OKE and OCIR with Wercker and Helidon, experimenting with Prometheus and Zipkin with Helidon, testing out Serverless with Fn, and using Fn on the Cloud.

Exciting News and Updates

During the conference, stay tuned to social media for special announcements and news on what’s coming next! #KubeCon #CloudNative #WWCode

Watch the Oracle Cloud Native Labs Teaser. Get Amped. Join In!

See you all next week!

From the Cloud Native Labs Team

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