• December 4, 2018

Introducing Cloud Native Ecosystem Solutions

Logan Smith
Product Strategy and Business Development

Here at Cloud Native Labs (and more broadly Oracle Cloud Infrastructure), we are committed to abiding by open standards and enabling our customers to have freedom in the solutions and projects they choose to leverage in their IT environment. Continuing on this theme, we are excited to announce our ecosystem focused solution guides.

The goal of engaging ecosystem partners in creating our learning content is to enable more choice for our customers. We understand that while many companies want to leverage open source software in its purest form, some might require enterprise-grade functionality, administration, operations, and support that partners can provide. Before introducing our first partner, let’s talk about the first OSS project we will focus on.


For those first hearing of Spinnaker, it’s probably a good idea to peruse the  Spinnaker.io documentation:

“Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.”

Created by and spun out of Netflix, Spinnaker is powerful, extensible, and cloud provider agnostic. We have an affinity for Spinnaker in Cloud Native Labs, both for its ability to utilize almost any build system underneath (Jenkins, Wercker, etc.), and its propensity to enable web scale, multi-cloud operations. Spinnaker treats cloud native deployment strategies as first-class citizens, enabling best practices such as immutable images, canary deployments, pipelines, automated releases, and automated rollbacks. Moreover, Spinnaker has built-in support for Kubernetes, the de facto orchestration platform that runs your container workloads.

“Spinnaker is quickly becoming the industry standard platform for open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery of container workloads and the way to increase developer velocity.”

            -Micha (Mies) Hernandez Van Leuffen, VP Solution development, Ex-CEO of Wercker

Deploying your production workloads continuously to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s powerful bare metal compute instances just got a heck of a lot easier.


Focusing on the Spinnaker ecosystem, we would like to introduce an exciting new cloud native solution integration with our friends over at Armory. We are pleased to announce that Armory has been deployed and validated on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Armory is automating software delivery for the enterprise by providing a commercial version of Spinnaker. Armory’s distribution includes critical functionality that enables scalability and security in hybrid cloud environments. Their offering includes:

  • Armory Installer – stands up a production-ready Spinnaker cluster in minutes
  • Armory Pipelines as Code – create and reuse pipeline template definitions in a Git repo
  • Terraform Stage – execute Terraform scripts within your pipeline
  • Enterprise Release Management – catches bugs in OSS before they reach you
  • Edge Releases – fully tested edge releases from OSS to facilitate internal development on Spinnaker
  • Professional Services – Spinnaker training, implementation, consultation, and custom development
  • Enterprise Support – 24/7 support via email, Slack, and ticketing portal

What’s next?

Looking to install Spinnaker on OCI yourself? Check out our solution guide and give it a spin with a free trial account.

Have a question? Drop a line below or come find us at KubeCon on December 10 – 13.

Have an idea of a company or technology you think we should explore? Shoot me a note at logan.smith@oracle.com


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