• August 10, 2018

iGeolise Case Study

Alexandra Huff
Director of Java Global Marketing

iGeolise uses Oracle technology to make their service faster and more efficient, which has allowed them to scale their business to become a global back-end search provider.

What does iGeolise do?

iGeolise is a tech scale up that allows users to search for locations by time, instead of distance. They do this by providing companies with access to their API as part of their TravelTime Platform. The TravelTime Search API can be integrated into a company’s existing website. Users can then search for services by time via different modes of transport.

The purple area on the map below shows which locations a house hunter should consider when renting a property within 45 minutes of an office location. Zoopla is an iGeolise client and one of the biggest property search pages in the UK.


Before Oracle

In order for the TravelTime Platform to function, iGeolise needs to assimilate data from thousands of transport agencies and road networks. This takes a lot of data processing power. To process the data, iGeolise originally used a solution hosted on their own premises.

Their single server only allowed them to process their maps one-by-one. Each map could take up to several hours. This meant that parsing multiple maps could take weeks. iGeolise also had no flexibility in the use of their server.


The problem


The time it took to parse maps meant that it was impossible for iGeolise to scale their business beyond 20 countries. Previous approaches took a whole day just to update maps for one country. With 26 countries to process that was becoming a barrier, because it would take a week’s worth of processing time to update the system, and that clearly was preventing the business from scaling.


The inflexibility of the on-premises solution meant that iGeolise was paying for the server even when it was not in use.

It also meant that they could not complete all the elements of the search in-house. For example, iGeolise had to rely on third party services for geocoding, which added to their costs.

The solution


iGeolise switched to the Oracle Cloud. The Oracle Cloud provides servers, storage, network, applications and services through a global network of Oracle Corporation managed data centers.

Oracle provides an on-demand server to iGeolise. This means that iGeolise can parse maps on several servers, taking hours instead of weeks. It also means that iGeolise can use multiple servers during periods of high demand, and reduce use during periods of low demand.

To speed up processing, iGeolise also switched to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes with an integrated Docker-compliant container registry as a fully managed service.


After Oracle


Using the Oracle Cloud has allowed iGeolise to scale their business to become a global back-end search provider with limitless capacity. This cut parsing time from well over a week, every week, to well under a day, which meant when there was an error in the data it could be corrected and reparsed almost immediately. Kubernetes and Docker on Oracle made a significant difference in enabling iGeolise to scale their processing, and in turn their business.


The flexibility of the server has allowed iGeolise to start expanding the services they offer. For example, they have just launched their own geocoder, which is hosted on the Oracle Cloud.


iGeolise has increased efficiency by only using the processing power they need.


iGeolise has a demo tool that allows users to explore which destinations are within ‘X minutes travel time’. The tool is live in 26 countries thanks to the fast processing power of the Oracle Cloud.

Charlie Davies, co-founder and CEO of iGeolise, says:

“Oracle Cloud is helping us process data quickly and efficiently, which is a very important part of mapping. This allows us to expand by adding more territories and countries to our platform, meaning we grow as a company. If you’re looking to grow your business and take advantage of the latest cloud based hosting technologies, there is nowhere else”.

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