• January 15, 2019

From New York to London to Atlanta - This Week with OCI Developer Relations

Bob Quillin
Vice President Developer Relations

On the road again! A big week ahead for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) developer keynotes, tech sessions, and hands on labs around the world. The week kicks off today, January 15 in New York City with Oracle Cloud Day, then moves on to London and Oracle OpenWorld Europe Wednesday through Thursday (16-17 January), and back to the states with Oracle Cloud Day Atlanta on Thursday, January 17. From cloud transformation to cloud security, microservices to serverless, Java to Kubernetes, and core to edge – there are a lot of highlights to choose from, but here are a few to check out for sure:

Oracle Cloud Day, New York - Tuesday, January 15

Don’t miss Karthik Gaekwad from OCI Developer Relations and HO Maycotte, CEO of Pilosa and their afternoon keynote “Oracle Cloud Hearts Cloud Native.”  They will be covering some strong cloud native best practices and diving into how Pilosa is leveraging OCI power for continuous analytics on big data. 

Oracle OpenWorld Europe, London: Wednesday – Thursday, January 16-17

Amazing lineup across the board in London this week so a lot to pick from. Here's a somewhat opinionated, curated list of hot options – with a focus on cloud native and developers, in chronological order:

Wednesday, January 16, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM | Arena 7 (Level 3) - ExCeL London

Deploying Oracle WebLogic Server Applications in Kubernetes [SES1354-LON]

Many organizations are adopting Kubernetes as a platform for managing container-based applications, and want to leverage Oracle WebLogic Server in these environments. Come to this session to learn best practices for running Oracle WebLogic Server in Docker and Kubernetes today, including migrating existing applications, developing and deploying new applications, integrating with other microservices, and managing applications on-premises and in Oracle Cloud. See a demo of Oracle WebLogic Server’s Kubernetes operator, deployment tooling, and more, and learn about the roadmap and future plans.

SPEAKERS: Monica Riccelli, Product Manager, Oracle; Maciej Gruszka, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 12:20 PM - 01:20 PM | Arena 7 (Level 3) - ExCeL London

Microservices at Scale: Taking the Next Steps with Kubernetes and Istio [SES1330-LON]

Microservices are the de facto standard architecture of cloud native software. With Docker and Kubernetes, it's fairly simple to get a few services up and running. When this scales up to hundreds or thousands of containers and services, things can get complicated. Istio provides solutions within the service mesh, offering load balancing, traffic control, policy management features and easily enabling best-in-class observability, metrics and service graphing solutions. In this session, we'll take a tour of Istio and discuss how its rich feature set helps us run cloud native at scale.

SPEAKERS: Jesse Butler, Cloud Native Developer Advocate, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 01:40 PM - 03:00 PM | Arena 4 (Level 3) - ExCeL London

Your Cloud Transformation Roadmap

In this solution keynote, Kyle York, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, will explain why infrastructure should be the foundation on which a successful cloud transformation strategy is built. An enterprise customer will also detail the performance and cost benefits they achieved by moving to the cloud.

SPEAKERS: Kyle York, Vice President of Product Strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Wednesday, January 16, 01:40 PM - 02:40 PM | Arena 7 (Level 3) - ExCeL London

Java SE, Today and Tomorrow [SES1336-LON]

What’s new in Java today, and what’s coming to Java tomorrow? This session will review some of the recent enhancements made over the last year to the language and the platform, as well as offer a glimpse into some of the features in development that will continue to improve both developer productivity and program performance while retaining Java’s core values of readability, generality, and compatibility.

SPEAKERS: Sharat Chander, Director of Product Management, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 03:10 PM - 03:45 PM | Forum 1 (The Exchange, Level 0) - ExCeL London

Security in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Core to Edge Protection [SES1845-LON]

It seems like we read about a new data breach or security-related outage on an almost daily basis. As more of our customer, partner, and employee interactions happen over internet-connected, digital channels, and the threat landscape becomes more complex and varied, the imperative for security has compounded. That’s why Oracle took a different approach to security for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, one that extends from the core infrastructure to the user edge. In this session, we will unpack our core-to-edge security strategy, detailing components that protect you and your organization from a variety of external and internal threats, incorporating common management of events, alerts and orchestration of mitigations.

SPEAKERS: Laurent Gil, Evangelist and Security Architect OCI, Oracle

Wednesday, January 16, 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM | Arena 7 (Level 3) - ExCeL London

Serverless Java Challenges and Triumphs [SES1334-LON]

Serverless Functions are hot and developer and corporate interest is exploding! But let’s face it, although Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world it isn’t the most popular language for writing Serverless functions — at least not yet. According to James Governor, “When Web Companies Grow Up They Turn into Java Shops” so as functions become mainstream will Java become the dominant language for authoring functions? Can it be? In this hands-on session we’ll examine the challenges to using Java for functions and the latest features provided by the Java platform that address them. We’ll also dig into the open source Fn Project’s unparalleled Java support which makes it possible to build, test, and scale out Java-based functions applications.

SPEAKERS: David Delabassee, Software Evangelist, Oracle

And be sure to catch the Groundbreakers Hub at The Exchange - Zone 2.  Great demos and access to experts for Q&A!

Oracle Cloud Day, Atlanta - Thursday, January 17

Capping a great week, amazing content coming to Atlanta this week with technical sessions, hands-on labs, and deeper dives on cloud and cloud native tech. Karthik Gaekwad will be in the house with his 2:15pm Cloud Native Technology Keynote – not to be missed!!!


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