• January 8, 2019

Extending Aqua Security to Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)

Logan Smith
Product Strategy and Business Development

Adding Security to Oracle Container Engine (OKE)

As part of our continuing commitment to open standards and supporting a broad and varied ecosystem, we are pleased to announce that Aqua Security has extended its container security platform to support Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). You can now deploy the Aqua runtime security solution on OKE with full Aqua support.

What does this mean?

While OKE and OCI are built with rich security functionality, some customers choose to deploy purpose-built container security solutions. There are a lot of new considerations in containerized environments including:

  • Container “breakout”
  • Outdated or vulnerable images
  • Kubernetes administrative interface exploits
  • Resource hogging

Any one tool probably won’t solve for all possible threat vectors without proper processes in place, but they can certainly help. We want to make it easy for our customers to deploy any solution that adds value to their experience.

Aqua Security

Aqua has purpose-built a cloud native security platform that leverages the properties of microservices, containers and serverless functions to make Kubernetes-based applications more secure than ever before. By providing full-lifecycle security controls at a very granular level, Aqua combines preventive and reactive controls to protect applications in runtime, detect and block attacks, and provide visibility and auditing for compliance.

The Aqua platform integrates into the CI/CD pipeline to ensure that only trusted images with an acceptable level of risk and vulnerabilities are deployed. It provides flexible runtime policies that leverage machine learning to whitelist only legitimate activities, preventing suspicious container and function processes, file access, network connections, and privilege escalation.

On OKE, Aqua leverages native Kubernetes security controls to prevent untrusted images from running on a cluster, and preventing the exploitation of vulnerable container code. It provides real time visualization and actionable insights into the security posture of an OKE cluster.

Aqua empowers enterprises to:

  • “Shift left” security, enabling DevOps to accelerate application delivery with full automation and no compromise on security
  • Protect workloads in runtime against known vulnerabilities, zero-day exploits, malware, and insider threats
  • Limit the impact of breaches with a container-level firewall
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and best practices from the CIS (Center for Internet Security) and NIST


Want to experience Aqua on OKE for yourself? Sign up for an OCI trial account here.

Then click here to request an Aqua demo.

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