Thursday May 31, 2012

AWS EC2 WordPress Blog sample application

Deployed the WordPress Blog to my EC2 and the performance is so slow. Actually it is unusable. This is a well known issue when using the free AWS EC2 free micro instance. If you can get to it, here is my wordpress implementation:
Wordpress Blog

AWS web site up and running

Not to much effort and have the cloud migrations web site up and running on AWS EC2 public cloud:
Cloud Migrations .ORG
Cloud Migrations .NET

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Public Cloud, co-location and managed services ... what is the cloud?

Recently I have had conversation with a number of people that are selling and implementing 'cloud' solutions. I put cloud in quotes as implementations like co-location (aka co-lo) and managed services (sometimes referred to as 'your mess for less') have become popular options for companies moving to the cloud. These are obviously not pure public cloud offerings and probably more of hybrid cloud implementations as the infrastructure (PasS and IaaS)is dedicated to a specific customer. This eliminates the security, multi-tenancy, performance and other concerns that companies have regarding public cloud.

Are co-location and managed services cloud to you? Are they something your company is considering when you think about cloud ?

AWS secure FTP

I was looking for this information a couple we back. Should have just went to the Oracle web site:
AWS SFTP to upload files

Monday May 28, 2012

Hana Vs Oracle in memory databases

The debate continues:
Hana Vs Oracle

noSQL Hadoop addes ACID with HBase HDFS

noSQL / Hadoop gets ACID and random read access using HBase:
HBase on Apache
However, as this document notes:
1. Relational databases still have many features like typed columns, secondary indices and transactions.
2. Moving from an RDBMS to HBase is not simple. It is an application re-write for the most part.

Friday May 25, 2012

Cloud open source standards and frameworks

Interesting article on cloud standards and frameworks for IaaS and PaaS:
Cloud IaaS and PaaS open standards

Thursday May 24, 2012

AWS web site creation

After much struggle to write my own HTML and get for formatting correct etc, I found this tool on the web. It is incredible for creating web sites / web pages. Free and there is not even a place to donate...I would donate in a heart beat.
BlueGriffon HTML Editor

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Oracle IT agility versus architecture podcast

Oracle OTN ArchBeat Agility Vs. Architecture Podcast discussion group podcast
Podcast discussion with 5 Oracle architects world wide

Tuesday May 22, 2012

The COBOL Brain Drain

Cover Story in this edition of Computerworld:
COBOL Brain Drain
Some notable things from article:
1. 48% of companies still use a lot of COBOL. The highest language usage beating even Java!
2. COBOL is being used in 53% of cases for new applications.
3. Move off mainframe / COBOL is not happening any time soon (this is my interpretation) as the article mentions this a couple times 5-10 years people will start
to retire...which means more like 10-15 years.
4. Thought this was funny but sad. US government had IBM look at a System/36 environment to see if should be migrated off this system. IBM concluded it would
be to complicated and costly. This is like hiring Microsoft to see if you should move from Window/SQL Server to Linux/Oracle.

AWS EC2 amazon cloud domain name and ip fowarding

Go once I have the web pages loaded I need to get the web site up and running. This requires a couple simple steps:
1. Add the IP address of your EC2 cloud instance to the your domain name provider. In this case, it is go daddy. More details on how to do here:
Go Daddy IP domain name add
2. For there domain names you have, you can simply use domain name forwarding. More here:
Go Daddy domain name forwarding

AWS EC2 amazon sftp only for web site upload pem pkk ftp ssh

The most difficult part of creating my AWS EC2 web site (other then the 'coding' part ... more on this tomorrow) was getting the files loaded.
1. SFTP can only be used. FTP will not work! Discussion is here: SFTP with EC2
2. PEM file to a .PPK file - I used Filezilla as described here: Converting PEM to PPK file. Seems as though sftp does not use pem file like SSH does.
3. login in to EC2 instance using SSH and change user to root ( sudo su ) and change the directory with location of you web pages (/var/www/html) to '755' (chmod
-R 755 /var/www/html). This is because you will be using your ec2-user name to upload using SFTP.
4. login into SFTP using ec2-user and your instance name: sftp ec2-user@
Note: These file go into the directory /var/www/html.

Monday May 21, 2012

Oracle Fusion in the cloud

Great quote in this article, "Let somebody else have the headaches":
Oracle Fusion in the cloud

iPad and tablets - Back to thick client devices and 3270 vendor lock in?

I just keep thinking that the proliferation of iPads and tablets in the enterprise is leading us back to the path of thick client computing. Don't get me wrong, I love the iPad and believe it is a great device....for emails, surfing the web, playing music, playing games, and getting directions. However, it is as thick of a client device as you can get. In addition, just like 3270 screens were proprietary, they are a proprietary platform. It seems like just yesterday everyone was rushing to get off of client/server systems and move to thin client machines with browser based access.

Sunday May 20, 2012

HP and Dell make major moves in modernization and cloud

HP and Dell in same story about my two favorite topics: legacy migrations and cloud computing. I did not realize that Dell is also make a play in the modernization and cloud space in regards to legacy 3270 terminal migration/modernization to newer thin client hardware (Wyse terminals). Did not think of this terminal modernization market before but there is definitely a lot of money to be made selling terminal hardware modernization! Read more: HP and Dell cloud and modernization plays

Migrating legacy client/server and mainframe technologies to the Oracle cloud.


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