Wednesday Jun 13, 2012

Migrating C/C++ embedded SQL code

When moving from Sybase C Embedded SQL to Oracle C Embedded SQL, there are no tools are process. Since Embedded SQL is a standard it should be pretty straight forward. The biggest challenge is going to be SQL that is Sybase specific. I would map the process out as follows:
1. Change include files from Sybase Embedded SQL libraries to Oracle Pro*C in each module.
2. Make sure the C code does not test for Sybase specific error messages. Fix where needed.
3. Run all modules through the Pro*C pre-compiler. Fix any embedded static SQL that does not make it through the pre-compiler using the SQL Developer scratch pad editor.
4. Compile using C compiler.
5. Test run the application fixing any dynamic SQL that does not work against Oracle using SQL Developer scratch pad editor.
SQL Developer can be downloaded here:

SaaS usage billing software

Just found out about this SaaS billing company that can be used for software usage billing in the cloud:
Metratech Metanga

Monday Jun 11, 2012

Unidata and RDB migrations to Oracle

Have a couple of unique migrations that don't come along to often. They are Unidata and RDB migrations. The top three things that make these migration more challenging are:
1. No automated data migration tools - Because these migration don't happen that often, there are no tools in the market place to automated the data migration.
2. Application is tied to database - The application needs to be re-architected/re-engineered. Unidata Basic and COBOL for RDB. TSRI can migrate Basic to Java and PL/SQL. Transoft can migrate DEC COBOL to Java.
3. New client hardware potentially involved - Many Unidata and RDB based systems use 'green screens' as the front end. These are character based screens that will run on very old dumb terminals such as: Wyse and DEC 5250 terminals. The user interface can be replicated in a web browser but many times these old terminals do not support web browsers.

Thursday Jun 07, 2012

AWS EC2 Oracle RDB connection to Oracle Database Instance

Provisioning my Oracle database instance to AWS EC2 RDB was easy. Just a few clicks! However, getting my connection to my Oracle cloud database was not as easy. A couple things that are not obvious (using Oracle SQL Developer):
1. Need to set up a database security group.
2. Need to use end point for the host name.
This video is the best one on the internet to explain both points:
Youtube video on Oracle AWS RDB

Oracle Cloud offering - What makes it unique ?

Three things that make Oracle cloud offering unique:
1. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS offerings
2. Private and Public cloud offerings
3. Ability to seamlessly move between private and public cloud

Advantages of relational databases over VSAM, ISAM and hierarchical data stores

When migrating companies from legacy environments to the cloud, invariably you run into older hierarchical, flat file, VSAM, ISAM and other legacy data stores. There are many advantages to moving these databases into a relational database structure. The most important which is that most cloud providers run on relational database models. AWS, for example, supports Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. The top three 'other reasons' for moving to a relational database are:
1. Data Access – Thousands of database access tools from query creation to business intelligence.
2. Management and monitoring – Hundreds of tools for management and monitoring of the database.
3. Leverage all the free tools from relational database vendors. Free Oracle database tools include:
-Application Express – WYSIWIG browse based application development and deployment.
-SQL Developer – SQL and PL/SQL development. Database object maintenance.
Adding number four based upon feedback:
4. Data quality, integrity, referential integrity and even business logic is embedded in the database.
What is interesting is that Big Data NoSQL databases and XML databases are taking us back to the days of VSAM (key value databases) with NoSQL and IMS (hierarchical) with XML databases?

Thursday May 31, 2012

AWS EC2 WordPress Blog sample application

Deployed the WordPress Blog to my EC2 and the performance is so slow. Actually it is unusable. This is a well known issue when using the free AWS EC2 free micro instance. If you can get to it, here is my wordpress implementation:
Wordpress Blog

AWS web site up and running

Not to much effort and have the cloud migrations web site up and running on AWS EC2 public cloud:
Cloud Migrations .ORG
Cloud Migrations .NET

Tuesday May 29, 2012

Public Cloud, co-location and managed services ... what is the cloud?

Recently I have had conversation with a number of people that are selling and implementing 'cloud' solutions. I put cloud in quotes as implementations like co-location (aka co-lo) and managed services (sometimes referred to as 'your mess for less') have become popular options for companies moving to the cloud. These are obviously not pure public cloud offerings and probably more of hybrid cloud implementations as the infrastructure (PasS and IaaS)is dedicated to a specific customer. This eliminates the security, multi-tenancy, performance and other concerns that companies have regarding public cloud.

Are co-location and managed services cloud to you? Are they something your company is considering when you think about cloud ?

AWS secure FTP

I was looking for this information a couple we back. Should have just went to the Oracle web site:
AWS SFTP to upload files

Monday May 28, 2012

Hana Vs Oracle in memory databases

The debate continues:
Hana Vs Oracle

noSQL Hadoop addes ACID with HBase HDFS

noSQL / Hadoop gets ACID and random read access using HBase:
HBase on Apache
However, as this document notes:
1. Relational databases still have many features like typed columns, secondary indices and transactions.
2. Moving from an RDBMS to HBase is not simple. It is an application re-write for the most part.

Friday May 25, 2012

Cloud open source standards and frameworks

Interesting article on cloud standards and frameworks for IaaS and PaaS:
Cloud IaaS and PaaS open standards

Thursday May 24, 2012

AWS web site creation

After much struggle to write my own HTML and get for formatting correct etc, I found this tool on the web. It is incredible for creating web sites / web pages. Free and there is not even a place to donate...I would donate in a heart beat.
BlueGriffon HTML Editor

Wednesday May 23, 2012

Oracle IT agility versus architecture podcast

Oracle OTN ArchBeat Agility Vs. Architecture Podcast discussion group podcast
Podcast discussion with 5 Oracle architects world wide

Migrating legacy client/server and mainframe technologies to the Oracle cloud.


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