Friday Jul 26, 2013

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Customers Share their stories! Join July 31st Launch to hear more

From advanced scientific research to secure digital interactions, from telecommunications to ocean carriers, Cloud Application Foundation customers are reaping the benefits of a Flexible, Proven and Integrated Cloud Platform.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve shared stories from some of our customers that were instrumental to making the Cloud Application Foundation 12c release possible. Join us for the July 31st launch event to learn more about this release.

These customers and many others have helped shape the future of the CAF Platform by participating in our WebLogic and Coherence Customer Advisory Boards and providing ongoing feedback to our Product Management team. You will get to hear some of them speak at the upcoming July 31st launch event.

So how are they using Cloud Application Foundation?

CERN is world-renowned for their scientific research, operating the world’s largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter - the fundamental particles. CERN utilizes WebLogic Server as its strategic platform for all developed software, which means support for Administration, Engineering and the Accelerator Center. Watch the video

Gemalto is the leader in making digital interactions secure and easy. Gemalto’s telecommunication business unit is using WebLogic for their web-based applications, business logic, JMS, and web services. Watch the video

OOCL is one of the world's largest integrated international container transportation, logistics and terminal companies. As one of Hong Kong's most recognized global brands, OOCL provides customers with fully-integrated logistics and containerized transportation services, with a network that encompasses Asia, Europe, North America and Australasia. OOCL engaged with Oracle on a multiple-year project to replace core ERP systems. They utilize Oracle WebLogic Suite, Coherence, RAC DB, TopLink, and Oracle Enterprise Manager to address their modern IT challenges. Read the Blog

TURKCELL is the leading communications and technology Company in Turkey, with 34.9 million subscribers and a leading regional player, with market leadership in five of the nine countries in which it operates with over 69 million subscribers. Turkcell's main business functions are CRM , Value Added Services (VAS), Billing/Charging and Network operations managing thousands of user sessions and millions of business transaction every day with 4000+ operating systems, 150+ Oracle databases in production, and 1700+ Oracle WebLogic Server instances. Recently, Turkcell has adopted in-memory computing with Oracle Coherence to increase performance of core applications (achieve more transactions per second), and offload backend data. Read the Blog

Join us for the July 31st launch event to hear from more Cloud Application Foundation customers about their success with this platform.

Thursday Jul 18, 2013

The Cloud Application Foundation Launch Event - What is all the excitement about?

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation 12c was released on July 11th and received with great excitement by folks taking an early peak. Computer Business Review wrote “Integrating application server and in-memory data grid capabilities into a base for cloud computing, the new Cloud Application Foundation offers a platform that enables launching latest applications, shorten operations, ramp up time-to-market and reduce overall ownership cost, while obtaining more value from their existing application infrastructure.”

For those eager to learn what this release is all about, who needs summer vacation? We are hosting a Virtual Launch Event on July 31st and boy do we have an action-packed agenda for you!

First up will be our keynote with VP of Product Management, Ajay Patel, who looks after Oracle Cloud Application Foundation and Exalogic. Ajay will cover the key product announcements, then invite to the stage VP of Development, Cameron Purdy, and VP of Product Management for Cloud Application Foundation, Mike Lehmann, to go into the feature highlights of the release. The part I’m most excited about is the testimonials you will hear from our customers, as well as industry experts, Frank Munz and Simon Haslam.

Following the keynote, we will have four sessions covering deep-dive technical content and product demonstrations. And for those of you who know our team, which I personally feel so fortunate to be working with, here’s the lineup we have for you:

Core CAF Product Deep Dives

WebLogic Server 12c, Release 12.1.2 with Mike Lehmann, VP of Product Management and Will Lyons, Director of Product Management.

Coherence 12c, Release 12.1.2 with Cameron Purdy, VP of Development, Craig Blitz, Director of Product Management and Jens Eckels, Director of Product Marketing

Productivity Tools Deep Dives

Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 with Glen Hawkins, Senior Director of Product Management

Oracle Developer Tools, including JDeveloper 12c, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c, ADF 12c and even NetBeans – with Chris Tonas, VP of Development and Carlos Chang, Director of Product Marketing.

I hope you join us for the Cloud Application Foundation show and we’ll be waiting and eager to take your questions via live chat, see you on the 31st

To register for the launch event click here

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Cloud Application Foundation 12c Launch: Press and Social Media Coverage

The coverage Oracle received on the Cloud Application foundation 12c launch is quite insightful and to the point. I wanted to share some of the viewpoints with the readers. One of the tweets mentions, “Oracle CAF 12c is Weblogic 12.1.2, Coherence 12.1.2, Enterrprise Manager 12c R3 and Development Tools 12c - quite a bundle”, which is indeed reflective of Oracle’s efforts at offering a consolidated cloud application platform to our customers and partners. On a similar note Computer Business Review remarks, “Integrating application server and in-memory data grid capabilities into a base for cloud computing, the new Cloud Application Foundation offers a platform that enables launching latest applications, shorten operations, ramp up time-to-market and reduce overall ownership cost, while obtaining more value from their existing application infrastructure”: a truly insightful observation of the value propositions offered by the platform.

From a developer productivity perspective, a significant amount of investment has been made to the platform as eWeek notes, “… Oracle has delivered new releases of its Java development tools and framework that enable developers to rapidly and efficiently build multichannel—Web, cloud and on-premises—applications.” This quote very astutely notes that although there is a large focus in the marketplace around cloud applications, the Oracle solutions also offer tremendous value to customers who are developing applications for traditional data center deployments, as well as for customers wanting to ensure that their current investments can be leveraged when they move to cloud architecture. This is confirmed by Holger Mueller of Enterprise Software Musings as he comments, “As usual Oracle build and positions its products to be practically universally deploy-able. Customers can use Cloud Application Foundation to built on premise, hybrid or public cloud applications, that can run on the Oracle Cloud or other public clouds. And they can buy the hardware with Exalogic Elastic Cloud with it, too - if they wish."

Commenting on the integration work between Oracle WebLogic Server 12.1.2 and Oracle Database 12c, here is what IDC analyst Al Hilwa had to say. "Integrated is the operative word here. For example there is quite a bit of technology that allows the app server to work in unique and differentiated ways with the Oracle database. It is also a coordinated set of technologies that pulls together the different pieces of the application stack. Quite a bit of work is culminating with this release…"

And here is what the market thinks about the investment on Oracle Coherence. “Oracle is doing a good job leveraging Coherence in CAF 12c. With Goldengate - a lot goes into memory...” says one of the tweets. “In addition to also offering full support for Oracle 12c, the new version of Coherence offers a number of new technologies that will help in faster data synchronization”, comments Joab Jackson of IDG News Service. “Being Oracle's in-memory data caching solution, the new Coherence 12.1.2 scales applications as per the requirements of mobile and cloud demands, while improving customer experience with Oracle Coherence Live Events”, remarks Computer Business Review.

Needless to say we are excited to see so much and such deep coverage. The press covered almost all features and capabilities we wanted highlighted for our customers, be it the Oracle WebLogic Server/ Oracle Database integration, developer efficiencies like WebSocket support, Oracle Coherence enhancements, and many more. Look for an update on this as we receive more coverage and move toward our exciting launch event on July 31st!

For complete details of the launch and deep dive of the new product capabilities:

Read the press release.

Read the whitepapers and datasheets at and

Download the products from OTN

And, don't forget to join us for the Oracle Cloud Application Foundation 12c launch event later this month:
July 31st, 10am, Pacific Time

Thursday Jul 11, 2013

Cloud Application Foundation 12c is here!

We are very excited to announce the availability of the highly anticipated Cloud Application Foundation 12c! See press release. Please register for the online launch event on July 31st where we will walk you through the new capabilities.

This release culminate months and even years of work by our Product Management and Development Teams with direct input from you, our customers, on what you’d like to see from your trusted application platform.

But what is Cloud Application Foundation (CAF)?

Cloud Application Foundation is an integrated, flexible, and proven middleware platform built on standards-based technologies for portability, efficiency and lower TCO. It brings together key industry-leading technologies: Oracle WebLogic Server for Java EE; Oracle Coherence In-Memory Data Grid; Oracle Tuxedo for C/C++/COBOL; Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder; and Oracle Traffic Director for load balancing capabilities. Oracle Cloud Application Foundation provides you with choice across conventional systems and cloud environments. It is optimized to run on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud for on-premise cloud deployments and is available on third-party clouds (see blog post) for increased flexibility and scalability.

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation helps customers deliver next-generation applications with a mission-critical cloud platform optimized for high performance, reliability, availability and security. It simplifies operations with native cloud management and scales operations to multi-data center high availability infrastructures. CAF also accelerates time to market with a modern development platform and integrated tools and is the foundation for Oracle Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications. It is therefore not surprising that it holds 40% market share, higher than all other competitors.

So what are we announcing?

This announcement includes Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, release 12.1.2 (see blog) and Oracle Cohere 12c release 12.1.2 (see blog), as well as supporting Productivity Tools with Oracle Enterprise Manager R3 and Oracle Developer Tools, which include Oracle JDeveloper 12c (see blog)and Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c (see blog). Both developer tools support ADF 12c.

Feature sneak speak

Let me give you a taste for what you will hear about in the launch event on July 31st. Starting with Coherence, many of you know that Oracle acquired Coherence (Tangosol) over 6 years ago. What you may not know however, is that the core team working on the product has stayed pretty much intact and the passion they bring to this mission is simply incredible. Don’t be misled by our major vs. minor versioning conventions. This is the first Coherence 12c release and major news for current Coherence customers as well as WebLogic customers looking to leverage an in memory data grid to be able to scale to mobile and cloud demands.

Some of the hot Coherence features coming out with this release include Coherence Live Events and GoldenGate HotCache.

And speaking of our core Coherence team, with Cameron Purdy leading overall CAF development, you’ll see WebLogic and Coherence coming even closer with new levels of integration that customers have been asking for.

Managed Coherence Servers within WebLogic allow customers to harness the power of the WebLogic Management Framework, to simplify management of Coherence servers.

Other hot capabilities in WebLogic Server include Dynamic Clusters and Elastic JMS, as well as unique integration capabilities with Oracle Database 12c launched yesterday.

Finally, to support immediate productivity for CAF customers, this release has been aligned with key productivity tools that our customers use:
  • Enterprise Manager R3, see press release, which include the WebLogic and Coherence Management packs.
  • Oracle Developer Tools including JDeveloper 12c, Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12c, both which support Oracle Application Development Framework 12c, see press release. NetBeans 7.3 is also available. The three tools are supported by Oracle to provide developer choice. Oracle also allows you to supports mobile development across platforms (iOS and Android) while leveraging Java skills.

So I hope I’ve peaked your interest to learn more about CAF 12c and I hope to see many of you join us live on July 31st for the launch event. Register here.

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Wednesday Jul 10, 2013

Above the clouds - WebLogic on Microsoft Windows Azure

In my last blog, I wrote about Cloud deployment model choices and how Oracle Cloud Application Foundation customers have choice between an on premise private cloud or a public 3rd party cloud environment for the perfect hybrid. Well, with the latest partnership announced between Oracle and Microsoft, Oracle customers have one more deployment option with Microsoft Windows Azure.

So as I was flying above the clouds on my weekend getaway passing through Oracle and Microsoft headquarters, I thought I’d share more details on how this partnership will benefit WebLogic customers.

As part of this partnership, WebLogic customers will be able to use their existing WebLogic licenses for cloud deployments on Windows Server Hyper-V and in Windows Azure. Licensing will work in the same fashion that is available today on Oracle Cloud. See more licensing details for Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment here. WebLogic licenses on Windows Azure will work in the same manner. Microsoft will also offer license and support for Java in Windows Azure.

With more 3rd party cloud options to run your Oracle Software on, including Oracle Cloud, Amazon AWS and the now adding Windows Azure, you may be wondering how to make the right choice. Well, you probably already guessed - there is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your overall cloud strategy, business priorities and additional investments. As just one example, customers who are invested in Fusion apps or other Oracle SaaS offerings, may find Oracle Cloud as their safest bet for a 3rd party cloud.

As we’ve already established, choice is a good thing, so whether you already have an investment in Oracle Software, including WebLogic, on a 3rd party cloud or are considering it (read more about the benefits here), this announcement is good news from a choice and investment protection perspective.

To learn more about your cloud choices with Oracle Cloud Application Foundation, join the Online Launch Event on July 31st

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