Tuesday May 21, 2013

The Me Too Cloud-- by Ayalla Goldschmidt, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Fusion Middleware

Why does everybody and their brother think they can get so easily into the Cloud business? “Build it and they will come” seems to be the prevailing mentality. That was the only possible conclusion from the couple of hours I spent at CloudConnect last month. I did my usual solution center tour. (As a marketing leader, I love checking out the competition and new cool ideas for marketing). But what captured my attention the most at this show, is that I really hadn’t heard about many of the vendors out there. And I was betting myself that most customers at the show had the same reaction.

At a time where Cloud Computing has almost become synonymous with IT, I think it’s a great opportunity to remind everyone that the fundamentals of IT haven’t changed with Cloud Computing, they only become more significant. If you’re looking to deliver applications that can withstand the pace of change, endure the demands of mobile access and meet the scale of Cloud, well, the list of vendors who live up to that PaaS challenge becomes strikingly short.

But don’t just take it from me. Gartner analysts Massimo Pezzini and Andy Butler shared their perspective on what a Cloud Enabled Application Platform requires.

Source: Oracle 2012 Webcast, "The Road to a Cloud-Enabled, Infinitely Elastic Application Infrastructure" featuring Gartner Analysts Massimo Pezzini and Andy Butler.

Support for Hybrid Cloud - having the flexibility to share data across Private and Public Clouds in a Hybrid Cloud model allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds. It allows you to set your desired design points around security, quality of service, IT skills and cost model (CAPEX/OPEX)

Mission Critical Support - There is a critical need for reliability, availability, performance and scalability in these platforms, because they need to support hundreds of thousands or even millions of users and in some cases with fluctuating demand.

Unified Management & Monitoring - are critical for simplifying IT. A Cloud Platform should provide a single pane of glass to view your entire Cloud infrastructure.

Out of the box Integration- Your platform should be factory-integrated and factory-tested, it should be able to get you up and running very quickly.

To learn more about Cloud Enabled Application Platforms, listen to this Gartner Webcast

Oracle Cloud Application Foundation is a platform designed to meet these very needs. With this platform our customers are now ready to make the move to Cloud:

  • It offers choice to develop applications on Oracle Cloud, our Public Cloud offering or on premise in a Private Cloud, and because both are based on our industry leading application server, WebLogic Server, you can create your desired Hybrid model.
  • Products like WebLogic Server, Tuxedo and Coherence have been proven through thousands of customer implementations around the world. They set the benchmark of High Availability, density and performance.
  • Enterprise Manager provides native Cloud Management for Cloud Application Foundation allowing you to have a single view of your entire platform from application to disk.
  • Finally, you can benefit from out of the box integration of your Cloud infrastructure by running your Private Cloud on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, designed to increase the density of your Cloud environment and take costs out of the equation.

So next time you see a new Cloud vendor whose name you haven’t heard before, ask them how they stack up against these four criteria and the answer will give you a hint as to how likely they are to be around for next year’s line up.

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Monday May 06, 2013

Oracle Excellence Awards: Achieve Global Recognition for your Innovative use of Oracle Cloud Application Foundation Solutions

Are you using Oracle WebLogic Server, Coherence and/or Tuxedo in innovative ways to achieve significant business value? Would you like to be recognized globally by Oracle for your innovation? Would you like the chance to win a Free registration to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 for a chance to mingle with your peers and Oracle executives?

If you answered yes to the questions above, you’re a great candidate for the Cloud Application Foundation category of the Oracle Excellence Awards.

What is the Cloud Application Foundation category?

The “Cloud Application Foundation” (CAF) category is for customers using either a single component or multiple components from the CAF group of products, which includes Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle Coherence, Oracle GlassFish Server, Oracle JRockit, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

What are the nomination criteria?

  • Your company uses at least one component from the Cloud Application Foundation
  • This solution should be in production or active development
  • Your submission must be in by Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How do I submit a nomination?

1. Go to the Call for Nominations site: click here.

2. In the ‘About the Award’ section, select the category, “Oracle Cloud Application Foundation”

3. Complete the Cloud Application Foundation Nomination Form with as much detail as possible.

4. Submit completed form and any relevant supporting documents to this email address:

5. Email subject category “Cloud Application Foundation” when submitting your nomination.

6. Winners will be judged on multiple criteria including, but not limited to:

· Project ROI / Level of impact (ROI/soft benefits) relative to the size of the organization

· Complexity/magnitude of implementation

· Originality of architecture

· Uniqueness of business use case

7. Oracle may contact you to collect additional details, if necessary.

8. Winners will be notified the week of August 5th, 2013.

What are the benefits of being selected as an award winner?

Your customers and peers will learn more about your innovative achievements with Oracle Cloud Application Foundation solutions. Your management and team will be globally recognized for your pioneering work. And, you will win a Free registration to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 where you can share best practices with your peers and Oracle executives.

Hear what past award winners have to say. Click here for video interviews.

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