Thursday Feb 18, 2016

Oracle Functional Services - Bringing Value to All Oracle Customers

Oracle Functional Services go beyond core infrastructure and application management services to provide our customers with services that span the entire software lifecycle. From migration, testing, and deployment to compliance, functional service desk and disaster recovery, our team of experts help customers get the most out of their Oracle and Oracle Managed Cloud Services investment  - improving operational excellence, driving down costs, reducing risk and improving overall customer satisfaction with Oracle. 

Oracle Functional Services include:

  • CEMLI Management
  • Testing and Release Management
  • Application Administration
  • Technical Administration
  • Batch Monitoring

These services can be leveraged by ANY Oracle customer – Oracle Managed Cloud or not.

Watch the replay of the Oracle Functional Services Webcast, where you will hear from David Jankowski, Ph.D, Director of Engineering, Intuit as he shares Intuit’s business drivers for utilizing Oracle Functional Business Services in their own environment and the benefits they have achieved.

Friday Jan 22, 2016

Managed Cloud Integration Service – Essential for the Hybrid Cloud Model

Today, enterprises seek to do more than just save money with cloud technology —they also crave agility. Companies are looking beyond the goal of reducing capital expenses and operational expenses, and now seek to implement technologies that enable usage metrics, self-service offerings and automated provisioning without an accompanying surge in operational costs. Hybrid cloud deployments, leveraging a mix of both public and private cloud platforms offer this promise. But as enterprises try to create an integrated hybrid cloud environment, they face significant technical challenges.

Integration problems are causing companies to abandon cloud applications and are hurting their ability to innovate. Many times project deadlines are missed due to cloud integration problems.

Oracle Managed Cloud Integration Service (MCIS) eliminates many of the biggest barriers for enterprises that intend to adopt Oracle business applications in the public cloud. By offering pre-built integration templates and complete-lifecycle management for their cloud integration, Oracle MCIS can eliminate hours of non-strategic work for in-house IT organizations while dramatically increasing the reliability of their cloud integrations. Benefits include:

  • Pre-built integrations for rapid deployment with predictable cost and time frames
  • On-going management - patching, monitoring, break-fix, enhancements
  • Business transaction monitoring capability across clouds improve availability for integrations
  • Faster issue resolution and higher availability for cloud integrations
  • Location and platform flexibility - @ Oracle, @ customer, dedicated SOA, SOA PaaS, ICS PaaS

For more information, read the Accelerating the Transition to Hybrid Cloud with Oracle Managed Cloud Integration Service Whitepaper and visit

Sunday Oct 25, 2015

Check out "Managed Monday" at Oracle OpenWorld!

Attend these sessions and hear the latest and greatest from Oracle Managed Cloud Services on "Managed Monday" October 26th! 

Oracle Managed Cloud Services:  Business Value from a Hybrid Cloud (CON8548)

Steve McMillan, Senior Vice President, Oracle

Accelerate your cloud strategy with proven expertise and innovative, flexible solutions. Oracle Managed Cloud Services is complete, secure, and customized to fit YOUR cloud vision. Join this session to hear the speaker describe how Oracle Managed Cloud Services offers your on-ramp to the cloud—whether it’s hybrid IT, extending the cloud to on premises, or anywhere in between.

Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m. | Moscone West—3010

Cloud Begins with Innovation - Oracle Managed Cloud Services (CON8549)

Ajay Srivastava, Vice President, Product Strategy and Service Engineering, Oracle

Industry solutions, next-generation architecture, cutting-edge engineering—join this session to hear about the very latest technologies and innovations taking place in Oracle Managed Cloud Services. Your cloud—managed by Oracle.

Monday, Oct 26, 12:15 p.m. | Moscone West—3010

Managed Security and Identity in the Cloud: Secure Your Cloud [CON8547]
Gail Coury, VP, Risk Management, Oracle Managed Cloud Services, Oracle
Joe Finlinson, IS Director, Business Applications, Intermountain Healthcare
Liz Rogers, Sr IT Director, Financial Applications, Veritas Technologies LLC

"How secure is my data in the cloud?" In 2014 and 2015, there were tens of thousands of security breaches and incidents. The Oracle Managed Cloud Services portfolio of security and identity management services helps customers keep their applications and data safe in the cloud. Customers unlock the value of their investment in Oracle’s security and identity products across the entire lifecycle from design and implementation to management and monitoring with Oracle Managed Cloud Services. In this session, listen to a customer from a highly regulated industry discuss how Oracle Managed Cloud Services delivers world-class security and reduces their risk profile. 

Monday, Oct 26, 1:30 p.m. | Moscone West—3009

Enabling Your Hybrid Cloud with Oracle Managed Cloud Services [CON8776]
Mayil Dharmarajan, Director Of Analytics, CHLA
Ritch Hartman, Director, IT, Office Depot
Michael Hutchinson, GVP, OMCS, Oracle
David Jankowski, Director of Development, Finance Enterprise Solutions, Intuit
Alen Oganesyan, I.S. Applications Executive, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Customers continue to adopt different types of cloud applications, both private and public, resulting in a hybrid cloud environment. Research shows that 50 percent of enterprises will have hybrid clouds by 2017. Oracle Managed Cloud Services offers complete, secure, integrated, customized services for Oracle Cloud applications and technology. This allows customers to move production workloads from existing Oracle Cloud investments into a managed cloud, backed by lifecycle management. Oracle Managed Cloud Services also wraps functional services around these capabilities to ensure customers’ business processes and transactions flow seamlessly across all applications. The result is better availability, performance, and security of your total cloud environment. Join this session to learn more.

Monday, Oct 26, 2:45 p.m. | Moscone West—3009

Oracle Managed Cloud Integration Service Enables Hybrid Cloud for ERP and SaaS [CON8755]
Deepak Kallakuri, Senior Product Manager, Oracle
As the adoption of the cloud grows, customers have an increasing need for integrations between public cloud applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications. Oracle Managed Cloud Integration Service delivers complete lifecycle management including configure and deploy, and management, monitoring, and reporting services for the cloud integration and platform. Join this session to learn how customers benefit from increased availability, help desk services, and greater security with Oracle Managed Cloud Integration Service investments in business transaction monitoring and identity management across the clouds and cloud automation platforms.
Monday, Oct 26, 4:00 p.m. | Moscone West—3014

Download the Managed Cloud FocusOn document

Friday Jul 19, 2013

The top 5 things you should be asking your potential cloud provider about security

Cloud is changing the way we all do business- and we all know it is here to stay.  But, what about the "issues" that  linger around cloud? Security is the first one that comes to mind. Security is considered the number one inhibitor for organizations who are considering moving their business critical applications to a cloud based environment.

So, cloud is here to stay and security is a concern.. How do we get beyond the fear?

The first step is:
 When evaluating a cloud solution, one of the first things to consider is the security “readiness” and qualifications of the potential cloud provider.

Some questions to ask are:
-What are your organization’s needs when it comes to security?  Maybe you are in a highly regulated industry or in a country where you need to ensure your company adheres to specific regulations. 

-What are your specific business and regulatory requirements for the data that you are looking to move to the cloud?

- Lastly, make a checklist of questions to ask your provider.

To get ideas on the questions to ask check out this new Quinstreet executive brief that highlights “The top 5 things you should ask your potential cloud provider when it comes to security”.

For more information:
Link to Asset Here

Friday Apr 19, 2013

The Top 5 Things to Look For in a Cloud Provider When it Comes to Security- Part Three

CIO Insights part three - Deloitte shares the top 5 things to look for in a cloud provider when it comes to security. Check out the last video of the three part series here:

For more information, visit :

Wednesday Apr 17, 2013

The Top 5 Things to Look For in a Cloud Provider When it Comes to Security- Part Two

CIO Insights Part Two - Oracle’s Mark Sunday, Gail Coury, and Deloitte’s Irfan Saif, discuss hybrid cloud security, availability, back up, and the infamous topic of cloud silos. Check out part two of the series here:

For more information, visit:


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