Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Deploying Oracle Applications Unlimited on the Oracle Cloud

As someone whose job revolves around Oracle’s cloud platform and infrastructure, it’s not often that I’ll write anything on this blog about Oracle’s applications portfolio.  So if you’ll indulge me, in this post I’m going to write about something that has flown quietly under the radar even though it could benefit a significant number of Oracle applications customers.  I’m talking about the fact that Oracle Applications Unlimited workloads are now certified to run on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

How do I know this is big news?  Well, as the saying goes…if I had a nickel for every time I’d heard someone ask when applications like E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel could be migrated to Oracle Cloud, I’d be a rich man. Okay, maybe not rich but you get the point.  While more businesses are pivoting to the Cloud by adopting SaaS applications, including the ones being offered in Oracle Cloud, the reality is that many businesses still depend on their Oracle Apps Unlimited solutions. To many, they’re mission-critical applications and the idea of replacing them is simply a non-starter.

Still, just because the applications weren’t born in the Cloud doesn’t mean they can’t be deployed and run in the cloud. Being able to leverage elastically scalable, reliable, secure and cost-effective cloud infrastructure is appealing to almost all IT organizations, including ones responsible for the care and feeding of Apps Unlimited applications.  This is a much more attainable goal now that most of the application suites have been certified to run on the Oracle Compute Cloud and Oracle Database Cloud.

To be frank, I wouldn’t expect businesses to jump in with both feet by lifting and shifting their Production environments to the Cloud right away. As most businesses experimenting with Cloud tend to do, starting off with a sandbox environment or other non-Production environments is the way to go. In fact, to make this process easier, Oracle has even published machine images of E-Business Suite 12.2.5, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2, and PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to create instances of these applications on the Oracle Cloud. Think about the time you'll save by deploying an image from the Marketplace instead of the usual process of downloading and staging software, installing and configuring, etc. 

Once you've deployed the software in the cloud, you can use environments to create setups, test new functionality, implement business flows and conduct POCs or CRPs. If you are an existing Apps Unlimited customer, you can also migrate your Dev or Test environments to Oracle Cloud.

Whatever your situation may be, to learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform services, visit cloud.oracle.com or oracle.com/cloud.

Monday Oct 12, 2015

Bausch & Lomb India Achieves Operational Excellence, Ensures Business Continuity, and Reduces IT Costs with Managed Cloud

 "By using a flexible and cost-effective Oracle E-Business Suite Managed Cloud Services, we gained access to Oracle’s expertise and ensured best practices and governance across every layer of our technology portfolio. This enabled us to improve operating efficiency, ensure business continuity and reduce IT costs."

– Kavita Bijlani, Senior Manager, IT, Bausch & Lomb India

Read about the business benefits Bausch & Lomb achieved by leveraging Oracle software via Oracle Managed Cloud Services

Another Managed Cloud Services customer that has been in the news lately is Saxo Payments.  Oracle issued a press release about how Oracle FLEXCUBE on Managed Cloud Services helps Saxo Payments break barriers to cross border training with a modern, secure operating platform. Read the press release!

Tuesday Sep 01, 2015

Grupo Aeroméxico uses Oracle Cloud Technology to Streamline 26 Companies

Benjamin Hernandez, CIO of Grupo Aeroméxico, a corporation comprised of 26 companies including Aeroméxico (Mexico’s largest airline), Aeroméxico Connect (a regional carrier), Aeroméxico Servicios (ground handling), Aeroméxico Cargo, and Aeroméxico Capacitación (training center), discusses how the Oracle E-Business Suite, run by Oracle Managed Cloud Services has helped the company transform its business to support its expansion and growth. 

"It was a good option to use Oracle Managed Cloud Services, because it reduced the risk. It also reduced complexity and the time it took to implement our new ERP system."

  - Benjamin Hernandez, CIO, Grupo Aeroméxico

Read the Profit magazine article for details!

Tuesday Jun 09, 2015

Bimbo Group Optimizes Baked Goods Distribution Costs and Cuts Daily Transport Scheduling Time in Half

The Bimbo SA de CV (Bimbo) is a Mexican company that produces food products, and is a national leader in the baked goods industry. Bimbo produces over 10,000 products, including breads and cookies, across more than 100 brands including Bimbo, Marinela, Oroweat, Arnold, Brownberry, Thomas’, Sara Lee, Barcel, Entenmann’s, Fargo, and many others.

Bimbo operates a distribution network with over 52,000 routes and more than 2.2 million points of sale located in 19 countries.  

The company needed to lower their distribution costs to increase their profits.  They also needed visibility into their broad transportation network.  Bimbo did not want to allocate their resources to running and maintaining these new systems, they wanted to focus on other strategic initiatives.

"Bimbo has relied on Oracle technology for many years. Oracle Transportation Management is a leader in the transport management sector, and Oracle's expertise in providing these solutions was a key factor in our decision.  With Oracle Managed Cloud Services,  we secured the appropriate level of management and support for the solution, which allowed us to focus more resources on strategic priorities.”

  - Francisco Javier Puente Ruiz, system logistics manager, Bimbo SA de CV. 

Read the success story

Friday Jun 21, 2013

7 Good Reasons to Upgrade E-Business Suite to the cloud

As promised here is blog Part 2: Why Upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite 12 in the cloud?

7 Good Reasons to Upgrade to E-Business Suite 12 in the Cloud:

1)   Take advantage of new and improved features: from global sub-ledger accounting to mobile access for supply chain management to built-in extensions for information search and discovery. If you haven’t checked out the latest features yet, there are over 1000 EBS 12 enhancements.

2) Plan now to address any ongoing Oracle Support considerations and regulatory compliance requirements. Based upon that information alone, you should have an EBS upgrade strategy and planning well underway.

3) Customizations got you worried? Expedite your next Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade – have Oracle identify all customizations, reduce un-needed customizations (EBS 12 has built-in many of your customizations) and during the upgrade keep all necessary customizations to run your business.

4) Migrating EBS to the cloud allows parallel migration and testing. Therefore no extra hardware purchases for the testing and upgrade. Business disruption is minimized. And, by moving to the cloud, this provides for smoother future upgrades that are based on your own timeline.

5) Oracle Experts will upgrade and run your EBS applications for you in the cloud. Free your IT resources to develop new services and work on projects that are critical to business innovation and competitiveness. Your IT resources will not be inundated with upgrade tasks!

     6) Reallocate precious IT dollars to other projects, eliminate CapEx costs.

7) Oracle minimizes business risk by having enterprise class cloud services under stringent SLAs designed to run your business applications for you such as:

a. Enterprise grade infrastructure

b. World-class security and identity management

c. Best practices in regulatory compliance: from classified federal gov’t standards, to healthcare HIPPA standards to meeting Financial Services requirements (PCI DSS)


Next Step: To help you upgrade and get to the cloud in the shortest period of  time, Oracle has a program called Oracle Upgrade Factory for Oracle E-Business Suite 12. It offers a unique approach, seamlessly bundling Managed Cloud Services and Oracle Consulting Services together for an entire Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade and migration to a managed private  cloud. Read the Oracle Upgrade Factory Solution Brief here.


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