Friday Apr 11, 2014

When is “Big Data” in HR Just Analytics?

By Mike Vilimek


If you follow HR technology even a little, you have heard something about big data. In terms of popularity, it’s right up there with other key trends like social, mobile, and the cloud. And while definitions for many of these are not set in stone, big data is by far the most undefined and misunderstood trend of the bunch. 

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Tuesday Apr 08, 2014

Checklist for Sales and Sales Operations Leaders

You’re running a sales or sales operations team. You get invited to a number of events—or are spending time out of the office with customers. That’s your job.

Another invitation comes along. You quickly scan it, thinking “what’s in this for me?

The Checklist

  • New Ideas: Do you look outside your company, to industry thought leaders and your sales peers for new ideas?
  • Career Planning: Is it important to look ahead—for your business and your career—to understand where Selling is headed and how it’s changing your job?
  • Translating Plans to Action: Is there something you could learn from your peers—running Sales organizations like yours—about doing things faster, closing more big-ticket deals?
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Friday Mar 07, 2014

Oracle’s Day in the Cloud in Melbourne

written by: Rushenka Perrera

Oracle CloudWorld in Melbourne took place on a steamy 32 degree day at the Grand Hyatt. The event kicked off with registration at 8am and the plenary at 8.45am. With 600 attendees, it was even bigger than the event we ran in Sydney almost a year ago.
The event featured six tracks focusing on sales/marketing; finance and operations; customer service; developers; IT innovation and HR. This CloudWorld had large numbers of attendees from all different lines of business as every effort had been made to make sure the agendas for each track were compelling enough to appeal to the specific needs of these busy individuals.
The plenary sessions were packed to the rafters. Tim Ebbeck, Managing Director for ANZ kicked off the proceedings and introduced Jeff Henley, Oracle’s Chairman who had the audience captivated with his presentation on Moving at the Speed of Opportunity. Jeff was followed by Reggie Bradford, SVP, Product Development, Oracle, Former Founder & CEO of Vitrue who presented the power of the Oracle cloud.

The plenary sessions ended with a panel titled ‘Transform Your Business’. The participants came from diverse backgrounds but provided highly engaging banter to challenge the perceptions of the audience and to introduce them to new ways of thinking. The panel lineup included a stellar cast:
Iain Clarke, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Services, Capgemini Australia
Brandon Byrne, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Curse
Dr David Rock, Author and Director, NeuroLeadership Institute
Matthew Holst, Director of Demand Centre & CRM APAC, Dell
Anthony Micomonaco, Manager Knowledge Management, Product & Markets, National Australia Bank
The different track speakers also included some heavyweights including:
•    Hugh Macfarlane, Founder & CEO of MathMarketing | Author of "The Leaky Funnel" talking about integrated sales and marketing.
•    Dr Catriona Wallace, Customer Experience Futurist and Chief Executive on designing a high performance customer experience organisation for the future.
•    Dr David Rock, Author and Director, NeuroLeadership Institute on the neuroscience of developing leaders.
•    Brandon Byrne, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Curse talking about why Curse chose Oracle Cloud over the competition.
•    Iain Clarke, Director – Chief Technology Officer - Cloud Services, CapGemini and NRMA on how to drive end to end innovation around cloud adoption.
•    Matthew Holst,Director of Demand Centre & CRM APAC, Dell discussing Dell’s marketing journey using Eloqua.
•    Nigel Prior, National Customer Experience Practice Manager, NEC Australia talking about their customer experience strategy.
•    Robert Hillard, Managing Partner Technology Agenda, Deloitte on what the tech trends will be for 2014.

The day ended with Reggie Bradford summing up on customer expectations in the age of the modern customer experience and finally with Lauren Anderson, Chief Knowledge Officer at Collaborative Lab, really challenging the audience and wowing them with stories of new cloud innovation in her presentation on  a new world of consumer behaviours.

Friday Apr 05, 2013

Cloud Speed Means Failing Fast, Failing Forward to Win the Race

If you have not been to Oracle CloudWorld yet, you must go. No other event brings together so many SaaS experts, from Oracle business and development executives to global customers and thought leaders.

A perfect example is CloudWorld Mumbai where 1,491 participants converged to hear keynotes by Alan Lapofsky of Constellation Research talk about how social in changing the way we do business and Sandeep Mathur, Managing Director of Oracle India detail Oracle’s cloud strategy across applications and technologies. Participants then attended sessions in six different Cloud tracks:

Application Development
Cloud Infrastructure
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service and Support
Human Capital Management
Finance and Operations.

I attended the Service and Support track featuring a panel discussion with Oracle customer Make My Trip and its Chief Innovation Officer, Rajnish Kapur. Make My Trip is India’s largest online travel company with 5 million customers and $200 million in annual revenue.

Kapur talked about how he uses Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) to thread his organization’s silos together to maintain a single conversation with customers as they move across channels—and how this seamless customer dialogue has led to a significant increase in Net Promoter Score and market value.

Venky Vijay, CEO of Oracle implementation partner Virtuos, pointed out that Make My Trip’s market value has more than doubled since it began using Oracle Service Cloud to enhance its customer experience. During that same time, the market value of Make My Trip’s closest competitor dropped, supporting Forrester’s finding that Customer Experience leaders outperform laggards by 3:1.

David Vap, Group Vice President, Oracle Applications and Kapur agreed that the ability to “fail fast and fail forward” is a key advantage of cloud solutions. They enable companies to try things quickly and keep iterating until they get it right.

Kapur recently launched a My Feedback section on Make My Trip’s website that enables customers to check the status of their support requests, reopen cases and provide suggestions. The section is so popular, it already has 83% usage. As Panel moderator Michel Van Woudenberg, Oracle Vice President, CRM, Asia-Pacific said, “Now that’s succeeding fast and forward!” And that’s what Oracle Cloud solutions can do for your business.

For more information on Oracle Service Cloud, please visit our website. Register for a CloudWorld event near you.

Monday Mar 18, 2013

Delight Customers with Web Self-Service in the Cloud

According to Forrester, 72% of customers prefer using a company's website to answer their questions. However, only 52.4% find the information they need online.  Customers want to solve their issues quickly and easily on the web. When they can, they will buy more from you, with 88% saying they will increase their purchases. 

Companies want to empower consumers to serve themselves online because it not only increases customer loyalty, but it also reduces support costs—by more than 50x since the average support call costs $5.50 versus $.10 for a web interaction.

However, most companies aren’t doing enough to guide customers to the answers they need online. That’s a costly mistake because 89% of customers will stop doing business with you after one bad experience. The organizations that are investing in web-self service are doing much better, achieving customer self-service success rates of 65.6%, which translate into an average $22 million saved on unnecessary channel escalations. 

You can achieve similar results by investing in three web self-service areas:

1. Understand your customer’s needs to personally guide the online experience

Invest in master data management to develop a 360-degree view of your customer. With this unified profile, you can deliver personalized, relevant content on your site to guide customers to the best, fastest resolution based on their needs and value.

Big Fish Games, for example, uses its 360-degree customer view to personalize online service based on information from the customer’s profile and web session. Using this approach, Big Fish Games has achieved a web self-service rate of 96.4% and savings of $870,000 from call and email deflection.

2. Empower your customer with online self-service tools

Empower your customer with self-service tools for quickly and easily resolving issues. Knowledge tools facilitate the customer’s journey with natural language and federated search to find the best answer across multiple sources. Social collaboration tools enrich the customer’s experience by enabling information sharing on Facebook support sites or peer-to-peer communities. Chat, cobrowse, and click-to-call reassure customers that help is just a click away. offers customer support on Facebook, and monitors and responds to customer social media interactions just like any other support request. With this strategy, has decreased email volume by 30% and saved over $350,000 per year on call deflection.

3. Adapt support processes to meet your customer’s rising expectations

Use analytics, outbound communications and customer feedback to deliver personalized web self-service that meet your customer's rising expectations.

  • Analytics and social monitoring help you identify and address knowledge gaps and support issues
  • Outbound communications anticipate customer needs by notifying them of relevant events—service alerts, knowledge updates, product offers—in their channel of choice.
  • Customer feedback builds consumer input into your business processes so you can continually improve your customer service and products.

Travelocity uses proactive outbound communications to deliver travel alerts across 40 websites, as well as analytics and customer feedback to continually improve service.

To learn more about Oracle Service's Web Self-Service offerings, please register to attend a CloudWorld event near you.

Also, visit Oracle Service's website to learn three key tips for transforming web self-service.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

Editor's Notebook: Profit at Oracle CloudWorld

Two weeks ago Aaron Lazenby, editor-in-chief of Profit--Oracle's quarterly journal of business and IT strategy--traveled to Los Angeles, CA for the US launch of the Oracle CloudWorld event series. Here are his thoughts on what he learned and the role Oracle Cloud solutions will play in the magazine this year. 

Wednesday Jan 02, 2013

Great Customer Experiences Begin with Great Customer Service

Rapidly evolving technologies have changed customers’ behavior and raised their service expectations. Now, 89% of them will stop doing business with you after one bad service experience. And 26% will post negative comments on social sites to share their complaints with others. Bad customer service experiences cost companies, on average, 21% of their annual revenue.

Oracle Cloud Customer Experience Service & Support

On the flip side, organizations that consistently deliver great customer service across touchpoints—web, mobile, social, chat—profit from being able to charge a premium. That extra margin leads to sustainable growth and profits as customers are willing to pay 25% more for a better experience. And they’ll stay with you and refer others, lowering your acquisition costs and improving your bottom line.

So how do you equip your organization to deliver great customer service anywhere, anytime, and from any device? By building a Customer Experience (CX) Enterprise that understands its customers, empowers its employees, and adapts its business with nimble, cloud-based customer service and support solutions.

Come to Oracle CloudWorld and learn how our SaaS solutions can help you deliver exceptional customer service experiences. Presentations you will hear include:

The Customer Experience Imperative

Learn what it takes to deliver a great customer experience and why it matters to your business.

Leverage Social Insights to Deliver a More Comprehensive and Insightful Customer Experience

Explore how to engage on social channels to glean insights and build stronger customer relationships.

Deliver The Next Generation of Web Experiences

Discover ways to deliver Web experiences that provide meaningful service engagements for business growth.

Maintain a Single Dialogue with Your Customers Throughout Their Journey

Hear approaches for providing a consistent, reliable experience across all channels and devices.

Developing a Foundational Knowledge Strategy

Learn how to deploy an agile, robust knowledge base for delivering great customer service.

To register, please visit Oracle's CloudWorld page to find the CloudWorld event nearest to you.

For more information on Oracle’s Cloud Customer Service and Support solutions, please visit our website or contact us at (866) 630-7669. You can also see an overview of Oracle Cloud Service and Support on YouTube.

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Get Ready...Oracle CloudWorld is Coming to a City Near You in 2013

Is your organization considering the cloud for deploying enterprise applications? Are mobile and social part of your cloud strategy? If you answered YES to either question, then you should plan to join us at an Oracle CloudWorld event, coming to a city near you in 2013. If you attend, you'll get an opportunity to learn firsthand about Oracle Cloud, talk to product experts, see live demos, and network with other industry professionals. By the way, did I mention that Oracle CloudWorld is a FREE event?

Whether you're a C-level executive, line of business manager, or hardcore application developer, Oracle CloudWorld will have valuable information for you with keynotes, breakout sessions, demos, and dedicated tracks for:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Finance and Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Application Developers
  • Applications IT
Click here to learn more about Oracle CloudWorld, including cities and dates. Hope to see you there!

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