Tuesday Oct 30, 2012

Multi-Tier Application As A Service in Private Cloud at GE Healthcare

Greg Handstedt  from GE Healthcared joined the "Managing Your Private Cloud With Oracle Enterprise Manager' session at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and discussed the benefits of deploying Siebel in a private cloud resulting in faster deployment, usage accountability, and better compliance.

Thursday Oct 18, 2012

Infrastructure and Platform As A Service in Private Cloud at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF)— the world’s largest laser, at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)— need research environment that requires re-creating the physical environment and conditions that exist inside the sun. They have built private cloud infrastructure using Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to provision such an environment for research. 

Tim Frazier of LLNL joined the "Managing Your Private Cloud With Oracle Enterprise Manager' session at Oracle Open World 2012 and discussed how the latest features in Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables them to accelerate application provisioning in their private cloud. He also talked about how to increase service delivery agility, improve standardized roll outs, and do proactive management to gain total control of the private cloud environment.

He also presented at the "Scene and Be Heard Theater" at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 and shared a lot of good information about his project and what they are doing in their private cloud environment. Learn more by looking at Tim's presentation .

Friday Oct 12, 2012

Zero to Cloud : One stop shop for resources to accelerate your transformation to enterprise private cloud

During the Oracle Open World 2012 last week, Oracle introduced "Zero to Cloud" resource center to help you accelerate your transformation journey to enterprise private cloud. To help organizations deploy fully operational, enterprise-grade private cloud environment in as little as half a day, Oracle has brought key content together into this single, user-friendly resource center.

The resource center is launched just as the Oracle Cloud Builder Summit series moves into full swing. Designed for executives, cloud architects, and IT operations professionals, the day-long event series will eventually reach nearly 100 cities around the globe. During this event, an interactive "Zero to Cloud" session will showcase the transformational journey of a fictitious enterprise to the private cloud using the latest solutions from Oracle—including, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle VM and Oracle Enterprise Manager, as well as Oracle’s full range of engineered systems.

The online "Zero to Cloud" resource center includes best practices from Oracle experts and early adopter customers as well as interviews with Oracle development executives responsibly for Oracle’s private cloud solutions and roadmap. It also includes a new self-assessment quiz that can help determine readiness for a successful private cloud deployment. Once you've determined organizational readiness, explore early adopter tips, demos, guides, exclusive white papers and more at the "Zero to Cloud" resource center.

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Oracle Private Cloud Solutions

To enable organizations to have complete control and visibility over security, compliance, and service levels, Oracle also helps organizations build, deploy, and manage their own cloud environments, including integrated application, platform, and infrastructure products and solutions. Oracle’s private cloud offerings include

  • Oracle Cloud Applications. A complete and modular set of enterprise applications, engineered from the ground up to be cloud-ready and to coexist seamlessly in mixed environments.
  • Oracle Cloud Platform. A shared and elastically scalable platform for consolidation of existing applications and new application development and deployment.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A complete selection of servers, storage, networking fabric, virtualization software, operating systems, and management software to support diverse public and private cloud applications. 


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