Friday May 31, 2013

A Cloud Over Mexico

Guest Author: Gabriela Medina

In the heart of Mexico City,  the Oracle CloudWorld event reached an audience of more than 1,500 participants. During the event that took place on May 7, Oracle´s Mexican customers and partners received  great news: How to succeed in the competitive landscape of today in which trends like Social Media, Big Data, Mobile and Analytics play a strategic role. The answer is clear:  Cloud technology is the way to go.

Oracle CloudWorld Mexico offered technical and business information on how Oracle´s Cloud solutions can bring innovation to many sensitive corporate activities: Finance, Operations, Human Capital Management, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Support & Application Development.

For the Mexican audience, Oracle CloudWorld was also a great reminder: Cloud technology is the fastest and most cost-effective option for creating and deploying innovative business solutions -innovation that won´t demand big investments in hardware, software or IT services.

Oracle CloudWorld Mexico was a great experience for Oracle´s customers and associates. They left the heart of Mexico City with a new vision, recognizing that Cloud technology can have a positive impact in their organizations.

 Oracle CloudWorld came just at the right time. For example: according to AMIPCI (the association of the Mexican Internet industry), 45% of Mexico´s Internet users (45.1 million) have been influenced by Social Media in their purchasing decisions. Now, after attending Oracle CloudWorld, for many Mexican companies Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have a very different meaning.

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Tuesday May 14, 2013

New Study Finds Business Managers Have Big Expectations (and Big Challenges) in the Cloud

In the immortal words of Voltaire (and more recently - Spiderman) - "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." No more is this true than with a line of business executives' new found power over the adoption of innovation and new technology with much thanks to cloud computing.

Among the great benefits of cloud from the eyes of a business executive is the ability to better influence and often decide what technology an organization selects. With no software and hardware to buy and manage, the business manager can easily subscribe to a new cloud application service and be up and running in no time. This is in stark contrast to the typical wait time of months or even years for a large software implementation. Accelerating the speed of adoption empowers the manager to select a new technology that will help their particular line of business with very little input from the IT organization. And because upfront costs are lower and categorized as an operational expense, the approval process is typically much easier. Get it fast, without the hassle - what could go wrong, right?

With the business manager’s new found power from the cloud comes the added responsibility to not only ensure an application service addresses the immediate business challenges or opportunity, but that it also contains certain characteristics in terms of how the application service is built and delivered. Otherwise, the promised benefits of having greater business agility and fast access to innovation and data, which makes cloud so attractive to executives in the first place, quickly starts to erode.

Let me explain.

In a new independent market research report commissioned by Oracle and entitled "Cloud for Business Managers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", almost 1500 business managers from around the globe and representing companies with revenues over £50 million were asked about their take on the cloud. What makes this study so unique is that it looks at cloud computing through the lens of the business manager and executive. Respondent titles included vice presidents of sales, heads of human resources, CFOs, risk officers, etc. rather than the typical sample of IT professionals. Now that the business manager has a bigger voice when it comes to technology, it only makes sense to hear what they have to say.

Read the global Press Release announcing the survey Here.

Stay tuned for part two and three of this blog that dives deeper into “Cloud Facts for Business Managers” and other interesting findings from the survey.

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