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  • November 10, 2017

Why You Should Dev-Test in the Oracle Cloud!

Jay Chugh
Senior Director, Products

Co-authored by Jay Singh and Padmini Murthy

Your Mission-Critical Apps – Our Business!

Making a Case for Dev-Test Environments in the Cloud

If you are a DevOps wiz, you live and breathe Dev-Test environments. You are chartered to deliver features quickly, manage and scale all the different tools and maintain ongoing collaboration. To do this, you require an environment with a reliable infrastructure support. You also require CI/CD and collaboration constructs and need to ensure unification between various other DevOps tools for collaboration, monitoring, etc., to run your microservices style application. And all this before things go into production, and more so if you are working on business critical applications.

A Dev-Test environment setup to manage these efforts to validate as a pre-production phase is valuable. This environment helps developers focus on creating their application by taking away the headache of ‘managing’ everything? And it gives Ops the necessary 'systems management' framework for more predictability while moving to production.

There are several business scenarios where you would need a Dev-Test instance handy but here are two examples just to establish the premise.

Use case one - A large retail store (Oracle’s Cloud Customer) wants to get ready for the Holiday season

Consider a large retail store, one of Oracle’s biggest customers dealing with high traffic every day. They are prepping for the Holiday season and are trying to get a holiday feature page spruced up. This is a pilot project, and they want to run this in the Dev-Test instance in the cloud to test all possible scenarios via A/B for their e-commerce website pages. They want to serve up different merchandise and discounts based on the geo, and they want to do all this before scaling to production. Since they have been one of Oracle’s biggest customers, they are also using Oracle’s cloud infrastructure.

Use case two – A large European bank running on Java Cloud Service wants to safely test the upgrade of a new patch before uploading to production.

This is perhaps the most common use case. Patches are quite common, but there’s a need to safely test their implication in a staging environment before upgrading production systems to prevent catastrophic results. And, this is especially important for highly regulated industries like our large bank that is running a new Weblogic patch for a check deposit instance.

What You Get with Dev-Test in the Oracle Cloud

Reasons why you should adopt it

Now that we’ve established the need for Dev-Test in the cloud, keeping the latest DevOps constructs in mind, let’s explore the reasons why you need the Oracle cloud to do this.

First, we hope you’re convinced about the reasons for Dev-Test in the cloud? It is easy to provision a Dev-Test instance in the cloud, cost-effectively, and get faster results. Cloud enables better collaboration between developers and their ecosystem; cloud helps to automate a lot of development and testing easily for a quick turnaround. Now, all this is generic to just cloud, but Oracle’s cloud is a differentiated solution for Dev-Test because of the holistic approach.

Next, we’ll talk about the three reasons why Oracle’s Dev-Test is such a popular choice.

1.    A Robust Developer Cloud Service with CI/CD and Other Constructs - Oracle offers a comprehensive Dev-Test environment for developers with CI/CD to track and automate the agile development and testing process. It ensures team collaboration and helps to manage containers. It provides polyglot support for any language like Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and is pre-integrated with various DevOps tools like Git, Chef, Maven, etc.

2.   Dev-Test Environments Extended for Weblogic with Java Cloud Service – this is designed as a rapid, self-service provisioning of complex, multi-tier environments of Oracle Web Logic server and Oracle Coherence in the cloud. It is built on open standards to deploy and manage Java EE applications.

3. Portability of Workloads between On-premises and the Cloud – Oracle offers a flexible deployment choice by allowing to move workloads (applications, middleware, and databases) across clouds or from on-premise. It offers a unique deployment solution that runs Oracle’s public cloud services deployed on the customer’s premises behind the firewall, also known as Cloud@Customer.

Please visit our Dev-Test page for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

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