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Veritone accelerates AI deployment with Oracle's Container-Native App Dev Platform

Veritone is a leading artificial intelligence company that has developed the Veritone Platform, which unlocks the power of AI-based cognitive computing to transform and analyze unstructured public and private audio and video data for clients in the media, politics, legal and law enforcement industries. Veritone’s open platform integrates an ecosystem of best-of-breed cognitive engines and powerful applications, which are orchestrated together to reveal valuable, multivariate insights from private and public data. 

For cognitive engine application development, the Oracle Container Pipelines solution (based on the Wercker acquisition) allows them to deploy any cognitive engine from the more than 5,000 they currently track in as little as 48 hours. Before engaging Oracle for end-to-end Docker-based development lifecycle management, it could take as many as four weeks to successfully build and integrate a cognitive engine.

Hear Al Brown, SVP of Engineering at Veritone, talk about how they are leveraging Oracle Container Pipelines to increase developer velocity.

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