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University of Western Australia Produces Offer Letters 6x Faster with Oracle Cloud

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is one of the leading research universities in Australia with a strong reputation for excellence and enterprise. 
UWA used to manually edit and create complex offer letters — from selecting over 25 different letter templates to personalizing 90 data fields for student information, such as credit assessment and fees — in a Microsoft Word document. They then uploaded the offer letters to the admissions portal for domestic students to access and sent to overseas students via email. The process was laborious and prone to error. UWA needed an integrated platform to ensure data accuracy, improve work efficiency, and enhance user experience.
UWA chose Oracle Cloud as their new platform and quickly created multiple offer letter templates by configuring Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, and Oracle Policy Automation. UWA also developed staging tables from Callista to ensure seamless integration between the CRM and Callista student management systems. UWA successfully went live with Oracle for domestic offer letters in just four months and adopted the new system for international offer letters three months later.

“Oracle teams were very helpful and informative throughout the implementation process,” said Julie Millias, Solutions Lead at UWA. “With Oracle Cloud, we can purchase the required modules as we grow rather than a whole suite of products. It’s a great return on investment!”
Read more about UWA's successful journey to the cloud with Oracle here. To leverage Oracle Cloud to streamline your business processes, visit cloud.oracle.com.