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UBI Banca Secures their Cloud using Oracle CASB Cloud Service

UBI Banca is the fourth largest Italian commercial banking group in terms of market cap with almost 2,000 branches and over 22,000 staff. 
Growing security threats against financial institutions and new regulatory requirements were the catalyst for UBI Banca to adopt a state of the art security system. They needed to minimize the threat of cloud security breaches and address GDPR & NIS regulatory requirements. They also wanted to provide the security and operations teams with a complete view of their cloud and on-premises systems.
The successful implementation of Oracle CASB Cloud Service helped UBI Banca achieve a 50% reduction in time to discover new security threats and an 80% reduction in manual investigation time for security incidents.
“To support our company business toward multichannel, physical and digital transformation requires the best in class security levels,” said Fabio Gianotti, Chief Security Officer, UBI Banca. “We are enabling a hybrid SOC strategy based on cloud technologies and this approach must have innovative security solutions. We have invested in Oracle security cloud services to enhance our ability to detect and respond not only to potential threats but also data leakage and to better meet our regulatory requirements.”
Hear Fabio talk more about their investment in Oracle's comprehensive security solutions.
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