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Train your Intelligent Chatbot for Q&A

Arijit Chakraborty
Principal Product Manager

In our previous post, we demonstrated how Oracle Cloud Platform makes it easy to create your own chatbot. In this post, we will discuss how your chatbot can be easily trained to answer common business queries.

A common use of chatbots is to answer questions from customers about products and services, such as "when does your bank open?" or "how can I open an account?". Since these queries are quite basic in nature, it would be unnecessary for your application server to initiate a transaction flow in your backend to generate responses for these queries. Often businesses have such questions & answers documented in their FAQs or Knowledge Base. You can now leverage the ability of Oracle Intelligent Bots to learn these FAQs and Q&A combinations for answering common customer queries seamlessly without any server overhead or human intervention.

Watch this video created by the Oracle Mobile Platform Team (YouTube channel) to learn more about the QnA feature available in Oracle Intelligent Bots to train your chatbot in no time by leveraging AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP).

To read about a real-world use of Oracle Intelligent Chatbots to reduce contact center costs, see this University of Adelaide chatbot deployment. For a free trial of Oracle Mobile Cloud, visit cloud.oracle.com/tryit.