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  • February 23, 2016

Three Ways the Cloud Turbocharges Business Innovation

the Innovation Machine

—By Chris Murphy, Oracle Director of Cloud Content

You might feel like a button in your
cloud app is responding slowly. But the app supplier, if it's paying attention,
can know if that button's slow. "Our process is very
simple: the slowest 10 percent of clicks we send as defects, or bugs, to
development to make those clicks faster," says Steve Miranda, Oracle
executive vice president for applications development. That precise
feedback—click-stroke granularity, not just user interviews and
recollections—is one of three big reasons that the
innovation cycle for cloud software is measured in months, not three or four
years as with the on-premises software model.

A second reason for the cloud's speedy innovation cycle is faster
implementation; when a software as a service (SaaS) supplier puts out a new
version, users have access to those new features instantly. Last, companies can
add their own features to SaaS apps, using cloud-based integration and
development, without complicated customizations that often prevented businesses
from upgrading on-premises software at all. SaaS provides other benefits such
as lower costs, but speed of innovation is easily the most important, Miranda

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