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Startup goes with Oracle Cloud Platform instead of Open Source

SuiteBox has built a financial-grade communications and collaboration solution on Oracle Cloud Platform, making it possible for financial advisors to hold virtual meetings via connected devices, record their encounters, share and digitally sign electronic assets, and embed or white-label their interactions for any relationship management platform.

Used by both small and large financial companies, SuiteBox relies on Oracle Java Cloud to provide easy implementation and integration with video and VoIP communication and Oracle Database Cloud to store the platform's metadata in a simple and easy to organize database structure. The integration layer is enabled by Oracle SOA Cloud, which allows SuiteBox to standardize its existing and new service APIs.

For application development, SuiteBox uses Oracle Developer Cloud to refactor applications to meet new customer requirements and Oracle Java Cloud to rapidly provision testing and production environments. The company also leverages Oracle SOA Cloud to ensure seamless integration with third-party applications, enabling its customers to easily integrate with SuiteBox.

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