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Seamless SaaS Integration using Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Total Graphics (TGI) is a Philadelphia-based company which provides expertise in digital printing and marketing solutions. TGI offers customized online marketing portals/storefronts to customers who then get access to a variety of marketing, sales, and human resources collateral and support materials.

Prior to using Oracle, TGI's solution was a stand-alone portal, which was not able to fully integrate with their other SaaS applications. TGI’s customers were required to manage their contacts and orders in two places: Salesforce and Pageflex. While their customer's information is managed in Salesforce, all of the information about their print, promotional, trade show products and orders are in Pageflex.

An integration was achieved between Salesforce and Pageflex using Oracle Integration Cloud Service. With Oracle Integration Cloud Service, TGI was able to not only provide a seamless integration between Salesforce and Pageflex, but also provide a new source of revenue by selling their solution in the Oracle Marketplace. Now, TGI’s customers have a new experience. They can sign into Salesforce and manage all of their user contacts, ordering processes, budgeting, reporting, and workflow all through a single sign-in through Salesforce.

Hear James Russo, Director of Workflow Solutions at TGI, talk about their journey to the cloud.

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