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Robust Cloud and Emerging Tech Strategy: Imperative to Business Success

Guest Author

By: Savita Raina


A few years ago, IT organizations were in a dilemma about whether or not to leverage cloud as part of their IT strategy; however, that is not the case today. Cloud is required and critical for a robust enterprise technology & business strategy and organizations are looking into how to leverage cloud to meet their specific business need.

Future is - more applications in cloud

Today, cloud is leveraged to bring agility and innovation to enterprises challenged by digitalization, cultural shifts in the workforce, and demanding customers who expect services to be delivered in real time. With cloud, businesses increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration among their customers, partners and employees. Cloud technology helps organizations reach new geographies, reducing time to market and opening up new revenue generation opportunities. Now more than ever, with cloud technologies in place, organizations can better analyze their data in real-time, helping organizations make data driven business decisions to maneuver the fast paced evolving markets.

According to IDC, by 2020 67% of IT infrastructure and software will be based in the cloud. This highlights the need for a cloud platform that can offer capabilities to developers to build, deploy and run new applications in cloud.  For IT management and line of business (LoB) leaders there is a clear need for platform services that can connect and extend their on-premises and cloud applications to maximize investments already made yet focus on innovation, scale and enterprise agility.

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Cloud democratizes emerging tech

We are seeing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, IoT permeate every aspect of work and life.

As per some recent Gartner surveys:

‘By 2020 - 20% of citizens in developed nations will use AI assistants to help them with everyday operational tasks. [source]

85% of CIOs will be piloting AI programs through a combination of buy, build and outsource efforts [source]

By 2030, Blockchain-focused initiatives will generate some $3 trillion in business value annually with blockchain use cases continuously expanding as the market matures.’ [source]

These technologies are augmenting human intelligence, building trust & transparency while opening up new avenues for business exploration.  Utilization of emerging tech in enterprise eco-systems seems to be a strategic imperative for line of business and IT management. At the same time, emerging tech equally offers new venues to drive creativity and build new innovation among the developers and data scientists.

The story of emerging tech that is fueling this new growth for businesses will be incomplete if we don’t talk about cloud. It is right to say that cloud is the precursor and enabler to help bring these technologies to the forefront of enterprises and end customers who are going to benefit from these technologies tremendously. Cloud truly is democratizing emerging tech to help it become mainstream.

Cloud-based, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution Transforms Student Experience

Based on my own experience I can say that university or college admission process can be daunting task for both the parent as well as a student. What if the stress could be taken out from the entire student application process?

This is exactly what University of Adelaide, Australia did. They transformed their student application experience from stress to awesomeness by leveraging Oracle Intelligent bot. Students now could chat with a self-learning bot to access their ATAR score – the number that is used to gain access to the university in Australia. Having access to this technology made it very easy for students to gather the information they need, when they need it without having to wait for hours for university representative to get back to them. A record of 2100 unique conversations were conducted on the very first day of launch of service, leading to 40 % reduction in  call volume to the university’s enquiry service. This reduction of call volume not only helped enhance overall student experience but also increased university staff call center productivity allowing them to focus on more critical student queries.

Watch this video to hear Catherine Cherry, the Associate Director Student Recruitment at University of Adelaide, Australia speak about how Oracle Intelligent bot helped University transform student experience and overall university call center  productivity.

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Two sides of the same coin

Just like a coin has two sides, new opportunities come with a new set of challenges. Lack of skillset, adoption of new cultural norms, and the quick arrival of new technologies are making it harder for organizations to prioritize.  So, in these fast-paced, changing business environments it becomes critical that businesses invest time to understand how cloud computing along with new emerging technologies can impact your business.

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Savita Raina, Director Product Marketing, Oracle | @sraina03 | LinkedIn

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