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  • November 3, 2017

Oracle Plays Bigger With A New Category of Autonomous Software and Systems

Jay Chugh
Senior Director, Products



What Could Oracle, Starbucks, and Kombucha Possibly Have in Common?

There are few experiences in a marketing professional’s career as exciting and inspiring as being part of creating a new market category in the Industry. Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, during the 90s revolutionized the coffeehouse concept by creating the category of infinitely customizable espresso beverages. The Kombucha King, GT Dave, took the Kombucha drink to new heights and built a whole new fermented probiotic beverage category that turned into a $600 million market. Oracle is similarly revolutionizing the enterprise software industry with, what I’d consider, a bold new category of Autonomous Software and Systems

Larry’s OpenWorld Announcements on Things Autonomous

If you missed the buzz around Oracle OpenWorld 2017, Larry Ellison, CTO, and co-founder of Oracle unveiled World’s first autonomous database and a new autonomous cybersecurity system. Both the Autonomous Database and the cybersecurity system use machine learning for automation to eliminate human labor, human error, and manual tuning. All these benefits help to enable availability, high performance and security for customers at a much lower cost than any competitor.

What’s Next in All Things Autonomous and Oracle PaaS?

Oracle’s vision of Autonomous Software and Systems doesn’t just end there - In fact, Oracle plans to launch some other autonomous products and services, particularly in Oracle’s PaaS portfolio, that further cement Oracle’s commitment to this strategy. Keep an eye on this category as it develops further, particularly as we plan to launch other "self-driving" Oracle PaaS capabilities. Oracle offers a rich portfolio of PaaS services for enterprises to develop, deploy, manage, integrate, and secure any application. Learn more about Oracle PaaS, and sign up for $300 free trial offer for Oracle Cloud.

But Where Does This Leave DBAs and IT Admins?

Larry addressed this question in his Open World talk, and it is re-emphasized well in this article too. I believe that software that self-drives and self-heals, helps DevOps and IT teams to avoid spending time on lower-value activities such as monitoring, patching, and upgrades. Instead, it enables them to focus on higher-value innovation activities that accelerate their business success.

Oracle’s Commitment to Autonomous Software Vision

Creating a new category is never an easy undertaking. It requires a long-term commitment, discipline, and perseverance to make this vision into business reality. Only visionary companies like Oracle are positioned to not only paint a bold vision but also follow through by delivering innovative products to the market. 

Look out for more announcements from us about Oracle’s new innovations in this burgeoning new category of autonomous software and systems

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