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  • April 6, 2018

Oracle Developer Cloud Service Adds Docker, Pipelines, and More

Shay Shmeltzer
Director of Product Management - Oracle

We are happy to announce the Oracle Developer Cloud Service April Release

The new version of Oracle Developer Cloud Service introduces a host of new features. Here is a quick run down of the new functionality you can leverage:

New Build & Continuous Integration Architecture

Customers can now use dedicated build servers that will be used for their build jobs. The build servers leverage Oracle Cloud Compute and Storage instances. The dedicated servers can be configured to include various software packages directly from inside DevCS.

Configure Your Build Server

Image 1 : Customize your build server software stack

Integration with Oracle Cloud Storage allows you to have persistent Maven repositories between builds as well as offering a location to store build artifacts.

This new dedicated and persisted build architecture will make your builds run even faster.

Build Pipelines

You can now visually define build orchestrations. Chain build jobs and define their order of execution visually with pipelines. The diagram will also show you the progress of your build pipeline, color coded based on the latest status.

Build Pipelines

Image 2 : visualize your build pipeline

Docker Support

You can now build and publish docker containers as part of your continuous integration process. A new option in your build configuration lets you define steps that invoke the various docker commands. In addition you can define connection to docker registries and publish your docker containers in them.

docker build steps

image 3: Configuring a docker step as part of your build job

SonarQube Integration

Built in integration with SonarQube allows you to analyze your code as part of the build process and publish the results. Define a connection to your Sonar server, and then monitor the test results of your builds.

Sonar Configuration

image 4: configure connection to SonarQube server

Learn more about the new features in our What’s New in Oracle Developer Cloud Service documentation.

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