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Oracle Delivers a Universal Asset Hub for the Enterprise

Lee Ribeiro
Product Marketing Manager
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AI transforms repositories into intelligent content platforms that help simplify how companies manage, govern and deploy digital assets across any channel


Oracle has been working over the last couple of years to pave a new direction for how companies look at controlling and managing their digital assets. Oracle’s reintroduction of Oracle Content and Experience enables organizations to utilize one universal asset hub to intelligently apply digital assets across both front and back-office applications spanning HR, ERP, SCM, CRM, and CX applications.

Built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Content and Experience merges and expands on what traditional content management systems and digital asset management tools are usually relied upon for. By implementing the ability to store and deploy any kind of content onto any channel, and applying AI for natural language processing and machine learning, Oracle Content and Experience is in a unique position to provide a universal asset hub that truly spans across the entire enterprise.

“This represents a new way to think about content and assets,” says Girish Bettadpur, vice president Oracle Content and Experience, Product Management, Oracle. “Oracle Content and Experience allows organizations in any industry to make their content first-class citizens, opening up new use cases and solutions to solve ever-growing challenges.”

The foundation is built on the distinct ability to store, manage, and deploy all types of digital assets. In a time where remote accessibility and engagement are at an all-time importance, rich video content serves as a vital way to create a digital connection. With Oracle’s recent acquisition of Sauce Video for collaborative video creation and streaming, Oracle Content and Experience creates an end-to-end solution for businesses to create, curate, manage, and stream high-quality video content with ease. “We want to provide glass-to-glass content capabilities for enterprises and brands to create dynamic video assets and great digital experiences,” says Girish.

The power of having one, universal asset hub across an organization for content creates a strong, consistent voice for the brand both internally and externally. This unlocks the potential of content in organizations to be reused across applications seamlessly. Oracle Content and Experience’s API-first architecture and decoupled content management capabilities allow content to be applied across any existing or custom-built application while keeping the content accessible in full harmony and accessibility within the rest of the organization’s digital assets. Whether utilizing a piece of content as part of an online training course or broadcasting it through new age channels like digital assistants, the original piece of content remains decoupled from the end channel, discoverable and easily editable from one centralized place. To learn more about how Oracle Content and Experience can be utilized as the central headless content management system for your digital architecture, register for the upcoming discussion lead by Oracle product experts.

The proof is in the use case. Oracle Content and Experience is pre-built across the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) stack of applications as the centralized asset repository, branded as CX Content. In order to create a customer experience that creates context with any type of content, Oracle CX leaders understood that Oracle Content and Experience is the only platform that has the flexibility and content capabilities to truly be able to enhance customer experiences across an entire suite of applications in a seamless manner.

Customer Spotlight

Customers in various industries showcase the power of Oracle Content and Experience as a foundational tool:

Turning Point

Turning Point, the United Kingdom’s leading treatment and counseling agency in the battle against drug addiction and mental illness, adopted Oracle Content and Experience to be able to provide instant and consistent information on relevant mental illness, drug, and alcohol information to over 250 treatment centers across England.

 “With Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, we’re developing world-class content that will help people self-assess their use of alcohol and drugs and think about making a change in that area of their life.”

–Johnny Barton, Strategic Solutions Lead, Turning Point

Solairus Aviation

“Oracle Content and Experience powers our customer portal capabilities. The interoperability to utilize Oracle Content and Experience to surface data from our existing ERP systems gives our customers the content that they need in the manner that they need it. The seamless integration gives us the ability to reduce the time it takes to get clients their information by over 15%. This has allowed us not only the ability to meet demands but actually grow and expand our business with this productivity increase.”

-Mark Dennen, CFO, Solairus Aviation


“CX Content solved a major challenge for us: centralizing content so it can be used across multiple channels with just one place to author and edit. The tight integrations within CX Commerce allowed us to easily roll CX Content into our existing project without setting back our timeline”

-Patrick Tolbert, Digital Director, Airborn

Industry Accolades

Gartner recognized Oracle Content and Experience for its reshaping of how content management should be done in the enterprise.

“OCE represents an architecturally powerful rethinking of web content management in the context of the customer experience.  Building on channel-agnostic content modeling and an API first foundation, Oracle continues to innovate with a move to a pageless, dynamic experience assembly paradigm and AI-assisted content authoring,” Gartner acclaims.

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