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  • September 7, 2019

Oracle Content and Experience Empowers Simplified Site Creation with Templates

April Thomas
Sr Product Strategist
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Websites are the cornerstone of every customer experience.  No longer are they perceived as a nice to have, they are a must.  Organizations are constantly challenged to build digital experiences which will engage customers seamlessly. For the marketer, managing the ever-changing customer needs in the face of a site are a constant struggle. The marketer needs a solution which can be updated dynamically with less effort and increase speed to market.     

How can Oracle Content and Experience (OCE) help in creating a marketing website?

OCE empowers marketers to start building engaging experiences with our Café Supremo reference site template.  For the template, OCE utilizes a fictional company called Café Supremo that has global chains of coffee houses. In this sample site users can see how Café Supremo is creating great digital experiences through their site by providing relevant business information, promotions, blogs and other advertisements. This then allows the OCE user to use the Café Supremo template as the backbone for creating their own site with their content and information.

The beauty of this OCE offering is the parameters that are set as guidelines for a site including content types, channels, localization and the repository.  The repository is your centralized content hub that stores all of your assets and documents for use in curating your digital experiences.


    • Localization policy — A localization policy helps determine the languages a website can support. The localization policy in Café Supremo marketing website uses English (United States) (en-US) as the required language.
    • Publishing channels — Publishing channel determines site access and content approval levels. Site access has been set to public and content items which are to be published to this channel must follow the approval workflow.
    • Repository —A repository is a storage location to manage all your digital assets that you use in your website. You have to create a repository for Café Supremo marketing website in order to get started.

See Review the Template Package to learn more about editing content types, localization policy, publishing channel and repository for Café Supremo Marketing website.

Café Supremo Marketing Website: Outline

Café Supremo marketing site contains four main webpages: Home, Menu, Blog and Shop.

See Café Supremo Website Map.  These are really the core pages needed for a successful site.

To learn more about creating Café Supremo Marketing Website Pages.

Each page has a brand logo, which is a quick link to home page, and a social share bar that lets you share Café Supremo on different social media outlets.

Each page also contains a search bar which enables a user to search through blogs. OCE lets a user search for blogs through the blog asset collection. See Search Tool Bar.

Similarly, a navigation menu has been placed on all the pages. This is a custom component which has been configured to reflect a page title and its link after a new page is added to the site. It also accommodates a sub menu for blog links mentioned under different categories and a preview card of latest blog as a quick link. See Navigation in Café Supremo Marketing Website.

Using OCE site builder, a privacy policy can be set for a site. For Café Supremo marketing site, the privacy policy has been set for the use of cookies for identifying unique user visits on site.

Explore Café Supremo Marketing Site

The zip file containing the template and sample code of Café Supremo marketing website is available here. You can download a copy of the template and upload it to OCE, where you can use it to create and modify the marketing website. See Set Up the Café Supremo Marketing Website and See Customization Examples.


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